Dating Advice for Asian Men by a California Girl

So a SoCal Sweetheart with an Asian sweet tooth, sent in her advice for Asian American men on the "Do Nots" of dating interracially. Read on dear fellows and thank you Lauren for helping the bros out.

Asian guys of California!

As a white girl attending UCLA who prefers asian guys, here are the problems I have had in dating them. If you want a white girl (and contrary to popular belief, there are actually quite a few attractive ladies that prefer asians), don't do these things:

1. Be super shy and never make a move, even if the girl has flirted with you and told you she likes you (be confident!). Being shy can be cute, but if you never reciprocate the attention we will feel like you don't like us. =(

2. Hang out with only asians and don't introduce us into your social circle. -I've noticed that asians tend to self-segregate a lot, and as a white person that is very intimidating. We feel like you don't want to hang out with whites, and don't like whites, so we shy away from your social circle. If your friends are all asian, make the effort to introduce the white girl to your friends so she doesn't feel like she is intruding and unwanted because of her ethnicity.

3. Constantly talk about/make references about being "azn". - Especially at UCLA, and in the Bay Area where I'm from, I've noticed there's this "asian pride" thing that is really prevelant. It's fine to be proud of your ethnicty, but it's weird (and makes us feel uncomfortable) when you talk about it CONSTANTLY. Yes, we know you're asian. You don't need to point it out all the time. How would you feel if we constantly talked about being white? It's just awkward/annoying/makes for bad conversation.

4. Be yourself! Stop obsessing over race and just be a normal guy. Yeah, there are some racist idiot sluts out here who will discount you because of your race, but whatever. Those girls aren't worth dating anyway, and secondly, there are lots of girls who are open to dating people of all races ... I know quite a few who actually prefer asians. =)

-Lauren Anderson

Signed, Asian Playboy

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