Testimonial Excerpts

All of the following testimonial excerpts are true, straight from the client, and were provided of their own free will with no payment or incentive.

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Our last night in Hollywood was a blast. Going direct on that hard four set and meeting those two models was awesome! ...I definitely feel comfortable recommending your bootcamp to anyone willing to learn.
- Bert (Los Angeles testimonial)

All the exercises you gave us on storytelling were priceless. I'll always remember what you said... The fact that I've been able to get good responses fairly easily... that has destroyed a lot of my fear approach.
- Hasselhoff (Montreal testimonial)

APB has a kean eye for picking up the subtleties. I don’t know a better in field PUA in Dallas…
- Danger (Dallas testimonial)

i recommend APBs 1on1 bootcamp. especially if you’re an asian with some limiting beliefs.
- Power (Atlanta testimonial)

I am a thirty eight year old Asian guy. I stand 5”7 and I weigh 130 lbs. I also wear glasses. I have all the makings of a stereotypical nerd. But I have game.
- Shaggy (Austin testimonial)

I think Asian Playboys coaching is awesome for the intermediate guys. For the intermediate guys out there that want to move away from the routines and naturalize their game. Asian Playboys coaching is perfect.
- Lionel (Dallas testimonial)

Id give him a 10, and I’m being truthfully honest on this, he was able to show me thing and make me do things, I wouldn’t even have the balls to do before...
- LittlePUA (Toronto testimonial)

Even as a girl, I learned a lot... many are life skills that everyone should possess. The instructors are awesome.
- Shing Li (Dallas wing girl testimonial)

Prophet and AP are so freakin relaxed out in the field and I think they did an awesome job trying to oversee each student with at least one set they picked out for us.
- Otto (Dallas testimonial)

The instructors were all very sincere and friendly, and took the time to answer any questions we had as well as individually help us out through a couple sets throughout the night.
- Boy London (Dallas testimonial)

The most helpful, immediately applicable portion of the seminar, in my opinion, was Asian Playboys exercies on approaching... This was probably the most helpful thing I have come across.
- Brandon (Dallas testimonial)

You can read all you want on the internet, but unless you have instructors pointing out the small mistakes you make consciously or subconsciously, you can only improve so much.
- AJ (Dallas testimonial)

I can’t imagine how much faster it would have been had I someone to bring me along.
- Brian Kidd (Dallas testimonial)

This was powerful stuff from start to finish. Pretty compact & every bit of information was useful.
- Chris_N (Dallas testimonial)

The seminar part was really great and I loved the format. If youre like me, its nice to have a format or a map to use.
- Tribulus (Dallas testimonial)