Testimonial: Lioneldecoeur1

Another testimonial from Lionel, a one day 1on1. A cool guy who actually has a lot more physical attributes going for him than me so he's gonna go a long way. Have fun in Chicago!

The review can be found at Fast Seduction.

Having recently met Asian Playboy, I’d like to endorse his coaching. First, a little bit about myself, I’ve been in the game for about three years. I started out with the Mystery workshop in 2002, and then attended almost every single workshop out there. RSD, DYD, Bad Boy, SS, and Cliff’s list seminar. I have a long way to go as a PUA, but I feel comfortable making recommendation to other guys about which seminarto take.

I first read about Asian Playboy on ASF, read his lay report, Big Tittie Blondes, and I was really impressed! Asian Playboy came into the game with strong social skills. So, he was able to quickly make friends with both naturals and PUAs alike. He was friends with NaturalJ who dated Britney. He hung out with RSD guys and Mystery. So, he’s able to see how two different groups of ladies men attract women.

I think Asian Playboy’s coaching is awesome for the intermediate guys. For the intermediate guys out there that want to move away from the routines and naturalize their game. Asian Playboy’s coaching is perfect.

His coaching is strong in several areas:

(1)The beliefs and the mindset of naturals. He’s friends with tons of naturals. So, he’s qualified to break down the mindset behind the success of naturals. Learning and internalize these beliefs will definitely move your game in the right direction.

(2)Body Language, Asian Playboy’s got awesome body language. It exudes confidence. So, definitely ask him to help you out with your body language.

(3)Being well spoken, if you observe some of the top PUAs out there, like Mystery, TD, and Style. These guys are extremely well spoken. Well, Asian Playboy is very well spoken. He doesn’t rely on routines. He’s able to talk about any subjects and make them interesting and engaging. Definitely ask him to coach you on your speaking style.

(4)Building social proof, this is an element that’s not stressed in the community, but it’s crucial. If you look at Asian Playboy at one of his favorite clubs, he knows the doorman, the bartender, and the cool guys. Cute girls are constantly coming up to him, giving him hugs and kisses. So, definitely ask him to coach you on building social proof.

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