Reviews of the Dallas Lair's 1st Introductory Bootcamp and Meetup

I thought I'd share with you a few thoughts that our Dallas Lairmates had about the (almost) free bootcamp that we held a few weeks back where we taught 40(!!!) guys some really powerful stuff in the first four hours and then took 30 of them out to the club at our reserved VIP room.

NO ONE has done ANYTHING like this before and charged nothing for it (What, you going to bitch about the $20 cover charge just to get you access to the VIP where a shitload of our boys used as any easy isolation mini-venue?). This was a real one day bootcamp, not a commercial pitch with some content... it was ALL content with field instructing AND demonstration.

Brian Kidd
"I think that this was a good, inexpensive way for us to get to know the experienced and talented instructors we have here. What a great resource. I didn't have anyone to help me get started. I just had to do the research, watch the videos, and get out there and try it. I can't imagine how much faster it would have been had I someone to bring me along."

Kevin G.
"Very excellent, can not think how it could be better -- and started on time."

"This event went better than my wildest expectations. Prophet and Asian Playboy did an incredible outstanding job. I could sense that everyone who attended was very happy they went."

Terry L
"the club was a different venue for me, still helpful. I noticed a beneficial effect from the classroom work over the last 2 days"

"This was powerful stuff from start to finish. Pretty compact & every bit of information was useful. Most definitely be interested in other seminars like this."

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