Bootcamp Testimonial: Tribulus

And so we have our first review and report from the Nov 12th Beginner's Night Game Bootcamp. The rest of the report can be found on the Dallas Lair.

Wow! What a weekend! My first seminar.

It was totally money. We had 4 hours of seminar, dinner and then sarging at Carson's Live. The seminar part was really great and I loved the format. If you're like me, its nice to have a format or a map to use.

There were 3 lecturers at the seminar. Asian Playboy, Prophet, and O.C. Waterboy from california. I learned the O.C. stood for "Orange County" kinda like that motor cycle show. All three of these guys are really great people. They can do the game and at the same time, they're not totally self-absorbed. They said "you can't make the game the center piece of your life". I agree.

A couple takeaways of the material (they'd kill me if I gave it all away):

1. You need an opener, something to grab someone's attention and focus it on the speaker or you. These can be cheesy "who would win in a fight? James Bond or Indiana Jones" Brock (Prophet) really likes Indiana Jones. Why? James Bond is a british punk ass bitch with alot of toys. (ha ha) The point is to have an opinion of your own.

In fact you can even agree/disagree with the girl using body language. How? Facial expressions, body movements like rocking to or away from. This is something we all do naturally. Hence "Natural Attraction" which I think is an awesome title.

2. So now you've met this person and she tells you "James Bond" Walk away! Better yet, ask her why? Open her up.... You can transition to something else, something cool or interesting....

Her:" Oh I love James Bond. He's so swaave and British. His accent is refined and he exudes confience. And I like his toys"
You: "England...yes...those people are so great over there. I'm a total Anglophile. I'm into British comedy like Monty Python and I've been drinking New Castle Brown Ale since I was this high...Have you traveled much?"
Her: "I've never been there."
You: " Well I must take you there....imagine that you're in an ancient Scottish Casle ...."chew chew chew spit

You get the idea.You talk about your interests. What really excites you and you try and bring someone into this reality. Paint them a picture.

Another thing you can do is shake their hand to introduce yourself and go into thumb wrestling. A playful game that changes her state from talking about movie guys.

3. Comfort. You can read about this with Mystery Method. Basically you do a really great little trick that lets you get into a deeper rapport. A perfect example is the Cube. If you don't do the Cube, you can do Tarot or Runes or Strawberry fields...That's a great project. Look these up if you don't know them all.

Get good at doing the cube. Its a cold read. But you learn alot. You'll know when your good when you get a "cool" or a "thank you" when you're done. Head nods are also cues to let you know you're doing well.One thing I find is to be a blank slate yourself. Don't judge and don't get pushy at this phase. Be open and accepting of people. My new favorite is the Runes. . If you were with me on Sun, I started doing these. I got good by about the 4th or 5th read. Thanks to the guys who hung with me on Sunday.

I may post something about these later. If you want a demo, I can do one and if you're nice, I'll make you a set. I can do that I'm a New Age Guy (NAG).

It takes practice to be a AMOG and a NAG at the same instant but it can be done! After we comfort them, we show them direct interest. Basically, "I like you" Is what you're doing here. She will smile and give IOI's if she's intersted. Its here we ask ourselves, do I like this person?If she's hot but you did the cube on her and she told you she's married then hey...its your call. Or if you did a rune reading and she said her question was "Will I meet someone?" Dang. IOI.

Kino is important from comfort to the end. Its really great stuff.

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