Testimonial: LittlePUA

LittlePUA just sent me his review. You can find the review at Fast Sedcution.

As APB( Asian Playboy) was talking about in his blog, I've tremoundesly improved from not being able to start a conversation to able to hold a 40 min one with a chick isolated, Ya she was 7.5 on my scale. Overall what skills I learned from APB was the opener, the conversation, the kino, and body language along with mid and late game. In the field, both street and club, IT WAS A BLAST! Just being able to joke around and have fun with chicks and get kino with them, its just a experience that you just have to do to know. I remember my 2nd night out with APB, he was talking to this waitress in Montana's eventually he got to the point where she gave huge IOI's, then used her for social proof for me that night.

Over the 4 nights, I was able to open more than 30+ chicks easily, islote quickly, have fun, talk to a celebrity, and get some #'s, while buidling up social skills.

A bit of background from me: Socailly I was never " savvy" as the popular kids were, I've been beaten up by " Neo Nazi's" on more than 1 occasion in the past, and sadly was socailly fucked by the "matrix".

Now APB wanted to know overall how he did: To me I'd give him a 10, and I'm being truthfully honest on this, he was able to show me thing and make me do things, I wouldn't even have the balls to do before, it was a amazing experience to be able to talk to chicks get kino etc. AND I LIKE TO THANK APB for that.

My finally word I like to say to everyone out there. If I a "HIGH SCHOOL kid who was beaten up by neo-Nazis can do it... YOU SURE THE FUCK AS HELL CAN!"

Update: Like the proverbial caterpillar and butterfly, LittlePUA has now metamorphed into The Dragon. You can check out his blog here and watch him take over his high school.

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