Testimonial: Bert

I'll be in Los Angeles this weekend so here's a review from Bert, the previous Asian bro down in the OC that I earlier had a bootcamp with. Luckily, I was able to have guest instructors OCWaterBoy and Grungey come in as an add on bonus since their schedule was free.

Highlights of this bootcamp:
Anyways, let's hear what Bert from Los Angeles had to say about his bootcamp experience:
I had a good time last weekend, and I learned a lot. Your explanation of attraction switches in addition to storytelling exercises clarified some abstract concepts involving attraction. I also learned a lot from our trips to the bars and clubs in OC and Hollywood. I especially enjoyed being pushed into sets with an opener and being coached in set. Our last night in Hollywood was a blast. Going direct on that hard four set and meeting those two models was awesome!

Another aspect of the bootcamp that I found valuable was being introduced to [OCWaterBoy], [Grungey], [Holliday] and Darren. Up until now I usually went out alone, but the introduction of wings, especially those who are experienced and willing to approach, is truly valuable.

It was great working with you. I definitely feel comfortable recommending your bootcamp to anyone willing to learn. Next time you find yourself in LA/OC and need a wing or a place to stay, feel free to look me up.

OCWaterBoy has a positive energy about him that makes him a charismatic person. His explanations of direct game were simple yet powerful, and I found the approach exercises I did with him to be helpful. Not only is OCWaterBoy a skilled and knowledgable instructor, but he is a cool person and a standup wing.

Grungey is an enthusiastic person with a love of the game. I enjoyed speaking with him and hearing about his own story of hanging with a natural for a while, then striking out on his own. I believe that a bootcamp with Grungey would be useful for anyone looking to improve their daygame.


Signed, Asian Playboy

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