How Can You Be One of the Successful Pick Up Artists

I'm off to Los Angeles for an exclusive 1on1 bootcamp. But before I go, I thought I'd drop a few thoughts on why so few people actually succeed at this endeavor.

While attraction, seduction and picking up girls isn't a rocket science, it CAN be a difficult endeavor. People who get into the Game can usually be divided into two groups: guys who didn't develop those social, flirting and sexual skills at an early age and are finding out that they have to compress some ten years of social education and emotional intelligence into just a few years to those guys who DID develop those skills, but want MORE of an edge with women.

Primarily, I'm going to be addressing the former group.

There's a concept called the 90/10 rule (or 80/20 rule) where 10% of the people do 90% of the work. Or in the field of dating, 10% of the male population are "servicing" 90% of the single (and sometimes not so single) female population.

This can also be applied to PUAs (Pick Up Artists) and KJs (Keyboard Jockeys). Sadly, the majority of people who TRY and get into this game simply end up being the 90% keyboard jockeys with their only goal to engage in mental masturbation. The few 10% of the PUAs who do go out, only a few them will actually achieve their goals.

What does it take for a wannabe PUA to last the (minimum) 2 years to become an AVERAGE Pick Up Artist? I'm going to list certain points that I think are key that helps these guys last long enough in the Game to succeed.

Well, that's it for now. It isn't an exhaustive list by far, but I believe these are some very essential qualities that a burgeoning PUA should have. I've seen a lot of newbies get all excited that they can now successful attract and date women, only to be flustered by how much hard, constant work it is... like exercising.

Most newbies gowere on that HONEYMOON period after a bootcamp where they can SEE that social programming and the "Code of the Matrix" that underlies every male/female interaction, the rules of attraction and why they are the where they are. But after a month or three, they drop out because they can't take the lifestyle, the time committment, and the harshness of reality.

Do you have what it takes to succeed?