Profile of the Asian Day Gamer: Grungey

In the last three weeks I've been pulling some back to back bootcamps from Montreal, Los Angeles and locally in Dallas. Whew, all that's air miles were starting to wear me down, but thankfully, as I'm sure you've noticed, I've had Grungey guest writing (my posts start off with red while his are in blue) to fill in while I've been jet setting around the country.

So last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Grungey whom I had been referred to by a reliable source as a Pick Up Artist who excelled at picking up women in day time venues like the mall, college campus, and social circles. Enough so that I put him in my Top Asian PUAs of 2005 list.

Of course, my flight to Los Angeles was delayed five hours, but thankfully the actual 1on1 bootcamp did not start until Friday because I was totally out of it Thursday night from jet lag. Over the course of the weekend, I invited both OCWaterBoy, master of Direct Game, and Grungey, master of Day Game, to guest instruct and give the LA student the opportunity to learn different styles and elements that will hopefully allow the student to create his own personalized way of Game and attracting women.

The first day, I teach the initial approach, attraction switches, run through exercises, etc. The second day on direct game, sexual attraction and on the last day of bootcamp, I usually hold a quick Intro to Day Game lesson plan, fashion, etc and had Grungey fill in the role of lecturing on picking up women at your favorite coffee shops and cafes.

My first thought when I met Grungey was: "Wow, that's some beautiful hair he has." LOL.

Grungey's a Filipino hipster who, while young, definitely has his Game down. Heck, I wish I was still his age and knew the Game when I was in college instead of unconsciously bouncing between social circle girlfriends and occassionally getting lucky with the sorority girls.

He definitely had a lot of good input, knew his material, and an overall great instructor. I think his strongest point, which I myself was impressed with and want to incorporate more of, is his Cold Reading skills and his ability to create Comfort and Connection.

Grungey demonstrated and ran some of his Cold Reading game on me and, trust me, it's tight. It's the kind of high impact, connection building that can really get a girl to give you those Doggy Dinner Bowl eyes.

His game is tailored specifically for Day Game and I am definitely impressed at his ability to both attract and form deep cold reading connections with women. I may, in fact, be stealing one his cold reads and start implementing it as part of my own overall structure. That's how good his stuff is :P

Signed, Asian Playboy

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