Ten Things I Learned While Picking Up Women in Montreal

  1. Montreal is COLD.
  2. Couche-Tard is neither pronounced nor means how I thought it was
    pronounced. Or meant..
  3. French accents are cute on girls. Even when they're drunk and/or yelling
    at you.
  4. Expect to be frisked, searched, strip searched and manhandled at every
    bar and club. Montreal club security is tighter than most airports.
  5. Seriously. It's COLD in Montreal.
  6. There are cover charges at every bar, club, pub, and beer kiosk in
  7. Only REAL clubs have gun shootings.
  8. If you're doing a wet t-shirt contest, then you're an American girl on Spring
    Break. Even when you're not an American. ESPECIALLY when you're not an American.
  9. "You have cute tits" opener really works.
  10. I'm not kidding you. It's really, REALLY COLD in Montreal.
Signed, Asian Playboy

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