Where to Pick Up Women in Sydney, Australia

Where to Pick Up Women: Sydney, Australia EditionHalf the battle in being successful at seduction is having and knowing your logistics. This means doing your research.

After all, if you want to cold approach and pick up classy, beautiful women, you need to do the necessary footwork and find the best venues that cater to them. Sometimes its bars, or clubs, or lounges.

Another concept to understand is the "Velvet Rope." It's where the clipboard guardians stand ever vigilant at the entrance and guard against the unwashed masses and commoners from gaining entry.

In other words... YOU.
Either way, you need to find out for yourself and firsthand. You'll also need to continually refresh your logistic list as the nightlife has a boom and bust lifecycle. In Los Angeles, it takes a club about 6 months to peak at it's hottest until it gets packed full of douchebags or Community guys at which point they close and "renovate" with a new name and interior decorator.

Slower paced cities could be anyways from 9 months to 1 year. This also includes the rate at which new, attractive women come into and out of the pool of women you can potentially pick up, seduce and/or date.

Anyways, once you've scoped out a place, you'll need to befriend the promoters as well as the bouncers and staff. You also need to dress the part and act like you belong. Because the hotter the venue, the more difficult it is to get in if you don't act or look like you belong.

Another concept to understand is the "Velvet Rope." It's where the clipboard guardians stand ever vigilant at the entrance and guard against the unwashed masses and commoners from gaining entry. In other words... YOU.

If it's harder to get pass than normal venues, you can at least assume the following:
  1. You Won't Run Into Other PUAs: The staff is usually on the lookout to weed out those guys who don't look like they belong, so hardcore Community guys and newbies are usually dismissed out of hand.
  2. The Ratio Will Be Better: The hotter the club, the more they're always trying to maintain a good ratio of boys to girls. So unless you're running a bootcamp, don't roll deep with your homies.
  3. There Will Be Hotter Girls: 'nuff said. This also means YOUR passive value (body language, fashion, sexual value) should be equivalent. If you want the woman of your dreams, start by at least dressing the part of her's.
  4. There Will Be More High Value AMOGs & Good Looking Naturals: Hey, they're there for the same reason as you. Some of these guys will become your best impromptu wings and friends. Others will just try to AMOG the shit out of you, especially if you come off as "easy pickings."
And, like I do in all cities I visit, I religiously keep track of the best places to pick up women. And since I'm flying to Sydney for the Australian Master Class as well as to teach a Sydney Bootcamp on Dec 11th, I am going to reveal- for the first time- my actual notes that I took early this year.

Here's one tip that will instantly make your Sydney sarging that much easier. One thing we noticed is that, unlike Los Angeles, there are no "Guest Lists" or Promoters like Hollywood. Instead, they usually had some sort of club card membership. A membership that you could easily get for $20. You won't have to deal with waiting in line or being denied entry.

15 minutes of pre-emptive footwork can save you frustrating hours waiting in line.

I now give you some of the best places to go where you can pick up women in Sydney, Australia:

- Hotel -
  1. Sydney Marriot: $120/day (AA discount), near King's Cross, nice hotel
  2. Lamrock Hostel (on Lamrock in Bondi Beach): cheap at $21, but $12 for 4 hours internet. Located in a residential area, so has no common area, bar, or fun. TV and minifridge.
  3. Surfside Hostel (on Hill St in Bondi Beach): VIP rate of $26 in a 8 dorm (got the entire dorm for ourselves), $15 internet for entire day. Common area, younger people. Free alcohol and bus ride to the night's venue. Fun. No TV or minifridge.
  4. Wakeup! Hostel: Huge hostel with backpackers from everywhere. Large common areas and cafe with underground, big bar.

- Conference Room -

- Friday Bars & Clubs -
  1. The Gaff (on Oxford St in Sydney): the fun, sexy version of Sydney's Saddle Ranch. Has nothing but hot blond bartenders and go-go dancers in cowgirl outfits. Wet t-shirt contests for guys and girls. Sexually charged. Easily a 25% chance increase in makeout/lay by simply walking in and being aggressive. No C, just D. Lots of expats and backpackers. Two stories, decently big, and smoking patio. Makeouts everywhere. One of us, literally, had a 2 hour liplock session with a 6"1 Brazillian blonde within minutes.
  2. Hugo (King's Cross): Linear, but spacious. Classier, very ADD. Does wine service.
  3. World Bar (King's Cross): Indie crowd, pretty receptive. Good choice, good talent.
  4. Trademark (King's Cross): Bigger club dance area. So-so quality. Might do bottle service.
  5. Cargo Bar: Big outdoor patio. Lots of mixed sets. Upper area requires membership ID.

- Saturday Bars & Clubs -
  1. Ivy: Even going in at 8:30PM, it was difficult to gain entry. Don't go in pairs. Send in single file. Bigger, classier, louder. William says good Friday venue. Must reserve "birthday party" on Friday or Saturday. Maybe do dinner reservations. Only 3 Asian girls, only 1 Asian guy in the entire establishment. Ratio really good, 3 to 1 girls/guys.
  2. Argyle: PUA central. Met a lot of Community guys. Think a bigger, more average version Saddle Ranch. Can do wine service. Bouncer will ask Asians "Where have they been before this." Asked me in 2008, asked Johnny in 2009, and students. True indirect, pure direct, or "cheers" openers. Mixed openers having a harder time working.
  3. Favella: Student recommended, didn't go. Does VIP service. Must reserve Thur/Fri.
  4. All Night Boogie (Next to The Space): Did not actually go in, but right next to The Space. Late night (2AM+), scrubby, rave club with hot younger chicks.

- Sunday Bars & Clubs -
  1. Ivy: Supposedly pretty good, but was closed tonight.
  2. Hugo: Goes off. Go in single file or will be denied. Tone down the peacocking. Attractive, more teflon sets.
  3. Gold Fish: Loungey place. Wine service. Warmup sets before 12, dead after. Easy entry.
  4. Kings Cross Hotel: Dead. Easy entry.
  5. Dragonfly: Like the All Night Boogie, but goes off after midnight. Easy entry.
  6. Soho: Supposedly goes off after 12, but did not go in.

General Observations:
Johnny & William have both noted that Aussies are mildly prejudicial. Not intensely anti-Asian or anything, but there were some detectable sentiments against blacks and foreigners. Also very, very homophobic.

Also, the alcohol is SUPER weak. Like really, really, pansy weak. Or maybe I've been doing this job too long ;)

In addition, I personally found it easier to sarge in Australia than the States. But there will definitely be some AMOGing. Case in point, I was making out with a girl I had been briefly dating at the Darling Harbor. At night, isolated, and very romantic. A bunch of tall Aussies intentionally went out of their way to AMOG me (literally while we were in the middle of making out), at which point, I simply Ignored and Tooled them out. In short, I'd say there are more Aussie AMOGs, but they're easier to out-AMOG.

Next time around, will also need to dress down. Have 3 collared shirts and good dress shoes. Helps to make reservations the day or two before. Or just not go to the clubs with a bunch of Asian guys ;)

Stay tuned for future editions of "Where to Pick Up Women." Maybe even YOUR city!

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