Where to Pick Up Girls in Chicago

As a general rule, we don't disclose the locations we take our students to non-alumni per our company policy.

Sometimes PUAs and other Community Guys try to "crash" the bootcamps out in the field in the hopes of getting free PUA bootcamp instructions when they learn that our programs are in the area.

But because I'm constantly being asked "Dear Asian Playboy... where do I go to pick up beautiful women in [INSERT MY CITY]?" I'm going to start making an exception (although I will still withhold the prime spots for our students).

I mean, it's a little weird having fanboys try to crash the party. Flattering, but weird. Anyways, similar to my "Where to Pick Up Girls in Sydney, Australia", I am going to reveal some of the places that I took my students to pick up fine hotties of all races and ethnicities in the Windy City.

I'm not going to lie, I've only been to Chicago twice, but hopefully we will be able to build upon these venues. The primary nightlife scene seems to be situated in Wicker Park and Linkin Park. The biggest change is the fact that Chicago nightlife lasts until 4AM-5AM like New York or Las Vegas and unlike most cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, etc.

So let's build this list, guys. Speak up and add your favorite places to pick up the shorties! Either comment below or send it in. And if you're interested, sign up for our upcoming Chicago Certified Bootcamp!

Martini Park - Easy entry. $10 Cover. More of a warm up venue with lots of sets and a large venue. Live performance early on. Older crowd, not too much talent. MILFs and Cougars are very receptive. Lots of sets and not too loud.

Enclave - My favorite venue of the entire weekend in Chicago. $40 cover with open bar (probably a one time promotional event). Girls are younger, hotter and sluttier. Heavy into the bottle service scene with lots of "high roller" types.

Soundbar - Pretty big club with 2 rooms. Top40/Hip Hop downstairs, trance upstairs. 3 bars downstairs. Good number of girls with a decent ratio. Talent could be better. Music not very loud. "Not a ghetto bar but maybe 20% ghetto."

Level Nightclub - Industry night which means that it does not get busy until after midnight, but the chicks are SMOKING HOT. Bartenders, cocktail waitresses, strippers, dancers, etc. That night, we had a shit load of hot (hooters) girls. No cover before 11pm..

Remember, this is by no means a complete or exhaustive list. Please add your own insights!

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