What If... You Had Paid For a PUA Bootcamp in 2004 Instead of Waiting?

When you've been in the Community as long as I have- over 6 years to be specific- things tend to come full circle and you run into people that you started off with but lost touch. Or maybe you hear about them from a friend of a friend. Whatever.

It's like in high school or when you go to college and you meet your roommate or whomever you're being thrown together into the lion's den. In your freshman year, you become the best of friends due the pressure cooker environment of being taken from the comfort and familiarity of your own home and into the- sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile- arms of wanton strangers where the possibility- and stress- of sex abounds.

It's like shipping off to war and the two of you bond as only Brothers-In-Arms can.

For that first year, you share a lot of the same hobbies and passions. You eat lunch together, you check out the sorority girls in the quad, etc. But over time, you start to move on. Other things- and people- interest you. Or maybe, even worse than that, you start to see that your BFF is actually kind of a slob who plays on the Nintendo64 all day.

It was cool enough for the first year, maybe the second, but definitely not moving onward and upwards. And he can't seem to understand why you're drifting away, why you're hitting the books and spending your time with other friends, the girlfriend you've acquired by now, and the prestigious grad school you're attending.

And he's still eating tacos in his board shorts and wife-beater, watching some b-movie in the dorm common area of the community college if he hasn't already dropped out.

So what's the point of this? Well, I get this phenomenom a lot. And by a lot, I mean "HOLY SHIT" lot. Like, "Hold me close, APB, and don't let the scary monsters get me!" lot.

I've had guys who have been following my blog since it's inception in 2005. That's 5 years these guys have been reading my field reports, adventures, musings, and have vicariously journeyed with me throughout the years.

And to my fans and loyal readers, you guys are AWESOME!

And then I get the guys who are always proclaiming that they want to take a program with me, but either don't have the time or the money. And they're dateless, but they hope to change that situation in the near future.

Just not now.

I've had a couple guys- without fail- email or call me up EVERY SINGLE YEAR telling me how they want to take a program, but just not now.

Not in 2005. Not in 2006. Not in 2007. Not in 2008. Not in 2009.

And still, not in 2010.

Or they come up with some other excuse.

They really think I'm doing a great job representing the Asian brothers and otherwise being an inspiration, but they can't be made to "pay for a bootcamp" as if there was something morally wrong with paying for lessons on how to get good with women. As if they're better than that.

And- yes- they are still without a girlfriend or- worse- still a virgin.

I'm not going to name any names, but at least one of these dudes has NEVER HAD A SINGLE DATE IN FIVE YEARS.

He's still waiting for the "right time" to take a bootcamp or whatever his excuse- for this year- is.

All he does is read as much FREE material as he can. He's got every single famous and not-so-famous PUA's blogs bookmarked and FaceBooked. He pirates as much free material as he can get away with.

We're talking terabytes of this shit. Every single written and unwritten word, thought, image, audio, video, and otherwise sideways-fart on the subject of attracting women is stashed in his Hard-drive of Doom.

If that shit was porn, his penis would have fallen off from masturbatory-induced cardiac failure.

But, when pressed about taking a bootcamp, he always demures, claiming that "he's better than that."

Seriously, in five years of not getting laid? Shit... The definition of madness is repeating the same action expecting a different result. So why do these FOOLS keep on doing the SAME THING?! I feel for them, really I do.

But not any more. Just not after 5 years of hearing the same non-proactive, un-empowering stuff that they've been doing year after ad naseum year.

And it's not just the internet Keyboard Jockeys though.

Pretty much every single night I go out, I run into at least one Community guy who recognizes me. Roll around Los Angeles enough, I start running into the same old nightsiders and PUAs.

And there are a couple of guys that I casually knew back in the Project Hollywood 2004-05 days that I will randomly run across at Saddle Ranch or other haunts. Seriously, these guys always bragged about never taking a bootcamp, as if it was some sort of Red Badge of Courage.

But there they are... STILL TO THIS DAY. Wasting their lives at Saddle Ranch.

After 6 years. Doing the same thing. And still getting NO RESULTS.

There's the tall Asian dude who dresses in the button down clothes that his mom bought him, holding a beer clutched in the T-rex position, with his 90s gelled up, penis head hair.

And then there's the Fabio douche who thinks its a "manly test of skills" to go to clubs and bars dressed in shorts and have unwashed, blonde, tangled hair.

Needless to say, in the 6 years since I started at the same time as they did, THEY HAVE NOT MADE ANY PROGRESS.

They're still at Saddle Ranch doing the SAME BLOODY THING!!!

But are they going to do anything about it? No. Because spending money on lessons is somehow "wrong."

That's what I call being "Penny wise, but pound foolish."

Imagine if YOU had started off at the same time with me instead of waiting like those fools. You'd be right there with me- 6 years later- being interviewed on TV, gracing the covers of newspapers, traveling the world, meeting beautiful women with the utmost of confidence and sleeping with Playboyesque models like I have.

Instead, here THESE FOOLS are pinching pennies in order to save a couple of dollars, but costing yourself potentially TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS if not more.

Seriously, think about it.

As an engineer at the time, I didn't put my ego into the equation or apply some sort of moral stigma to the dilema. I was very rational, very driven, and very analytical about it.

Asian Playboy's Thought Processes:
  1. I run into a problem: "I'm not good with girls."
  2. I identify a solution: "Let me research how to get good with girls."
  3. I acquire said solution: "I have a decent paying job, let me pay for lessons."
  4. I apply the solution: "I went out religiously almost every single week."
  5. I get results: "I get girls now. A lot."
No fuss, no muss. No ego getting in the way. No religious fucktardness. No stigma. I see target. I acquire target.

I am victorious.

Simple. Easy.

On January of 2004, over 6 years ago, I took a Mystery Method bootcamp with Erik and Herbal. In the subsequent years, I have had many ups and downs, victories and failures, made a lot of friends, lost a lot of friends, and I certainly don't follow that style of pick-up anymore or even remotely.

But I have never once thought it was a waste of money. Or that I could have done it as effectively as if I hadn't taken the program.

Guys, it cost me $600.

These OGs (Old Guys) I run into could have done the same thing I did and be in a similar place as I am now. They could have paid the $600 and saved themselves YEARS of wasted hardwork, mistakes, and lessons learned.


That's 600 burritos you don't have to eat.

Instead, these fools have SPENT 6 YEARS of their lives.

Spent it as freely as if those years were dollar bills passing through their hands.

You spent all that time away and wasted it on the illusion of "control" and that "you're still a man." Just like some corporate, salaryman does when he throws dollar bills at a cheap stripper.

Yeah, YOU may have saved $600, but YOU paid with TIME.

And time is the one resource you can never get back. Ever.

If you have a problem, get help.

I did. And look at me now.



Empower Yourself,
 JT the Asian Playboy
1-888-689-GAME (4263)

P.S. I'm going to be in Chicago this weekend... Isn't it about time you took charge of YOUR LIFE?

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