How NOT to Approach Women During the Day (Day Game PUA)

I have a lot of nice surprises in store for my fellow readers and pick up artists and this is just one of them in the future. Heck, I'm not going to lie, while I do day game, but it's not my speciality. With my workshops and bootcamps, I reserve one day to familiarize the student with day game, but we don't concentrate on it.

So take notes, boys and girls, because here are some words of wisdoms for successfully striking up a conversation with women during the day whether it's at lunch or at the gas station. From Grungey10, the Asian expert on approaching and seducing women during the day at venues like the mall, bookstore and grocery store, is an original article on what NOT to do during daytime pick up.

What most people do wrong during daytime sarging

Recently, a lot of the people that I've met in the community have one major sticking point... DAY GAME!

I have friends that do phenomenal in clubs. They get solid day 2's, #'s, Kiss closes, and even ! closes but when it comes time to approach that one girl walking down the street or that 6'1 brunnette shopping for clothes they immediately bail out on the idea of the approach.

Now don't get me wrong here, there are a lot people i know that do approaches during the day,the only problem is that they don't get what they want out of it.

In my experience there are guys that just run too much club type attraction game (which can work when done strategically and mixed with other components): Too much comfort but no attraction, Gets attraction but not enough comfort building to progress the sarge further, and the one's that just starts coming off with tons of excuses to not do the approach (i.e. "oohhh it's passed the 3 second rule, It's gonna feel awkward if I approach now).

In the first scenario, the guy runs too much attraction game and the girl starts to giggle The guy in turn sees that he's getting IOI's but he feels like he needs more attraction so he pumps up her buying temperature more. After 5 minutes of this the girl will soon realize that she doesn't know you anything about you and the "don't talk to stranger" rule that her mom warned her when she was a kid would suddenly pop up in her head, then boom... You're done.

That guy would look back on the interaction and tell himself "Ohh, high octane material doesn't work during the day, day game sucks". What this guy doesn't realize is that high octane material does work, in moderation, and at specific times during the sarge to push things forward. There is a window of escalation where you can escalate things further like (rapport questions, qualifying, and venue changing) and if you don't recognize it and act on it chances are you've just lost your set. =p

In the second scenario the guy goes into set and starts building tons of comfort. He goes over to talk to that one girl and then he realizes that the girl starts to open up and the vibe is great but then when it comes to the number close it dawns upon him that the girl was just being chatty. In some cases he might even get a number close out of it, nice, but that again is just another stairway to heaven.

Comfort is a big part of day game. You need to be able to have your vibing skills, deep and wide rapport skills down, and etc but this doesn't mean that you have to eliminate the important ingredients like qualifying, making the girl chase, and kino, and playful stuff. All these things have a place in day time sarging. Then again it's possible to get a close out of it just as long as you know that if building comfort alone is your preffered method of doing day game then you'll be missing out on a lot of girls that require a different approach to win over.

In the third scenario, the guy runs his stack and is able to keep a girl's attention for a long time but when it comes to closing the deal, a hell lot of excuses from hell will start coming your way. Often times the problem is comfort. Reverse Ev is usually the way I deal with this. If you are approaching a girl in the street she needs to know right away (in the first 5 minute) that you're
not some creepy psycho guy.

You may have all the attraction and comfort material in the world but if you don't know how to relate with her on a personal level (it's a skill guys), or demonstrate within the first couple of minutes that you are a safe guy (short imbedded vulnerability spikes i guess, haha new term) then the chances of her being comfortable enough to give you the kind of rapport you need to build a connection with her is minimized.

The fourth scenario is pretty much self explanatory. The point is that these are the usual mistakes guys make when they are sarging during the day. Some of these mistakes guy's can actually pull off if they know what they're doing (i.e. like TD's frying pan method) but that's a different topic.

- Grungey10
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