How to Attract a Woman, Part 3

(This article is a continuation of a week long running series of posts on the subject of what women's attraction switches are and how to trigger them in order to lead to a successful seduction.)

Let's talk more about Neil Strauss's attraction switches in a woman.

5. UNDERSTANDING - This is all Game here. You're triggering attraction in the woman by showing you have things in common and that you're in tune with her on an emotional and even sexual level. Now, there are two parts to this: COMMONALITIES and COLD READING, so let's discuss actually the HOW of eliciting attraction (and sexual attraction) in a woman by exploring these two subgroups:

A. COMMONALITIES - A lot of this will depend on your own life experiences: where you've traveled, what your hobbies are, what you like to do for fun, who you know and so forth. As you converse back and forth, you'll start picking up hints of her life. In order to have commonalities, you have to be at least FAMILIAR with what she does, what she enjoys, and so forth. My identity is "The Adventurer", I'm well traveled, I've met a lot of people and done a lot of things. I've been around the world, can talk about almost any country, done some fun things (bungie jumping, parasailing, surfing, etc.) and hung out with celebrities. For example, I've never been to Jamaica, but I was able to TAP IN to a commonality with this one Jamaican girl about Bob Marley and how he supposedly comes from a line of Ethiopian royalty. And by the way, I know a few phrases in Ethiopian (as well as a few other languages). By SHOWING her that you understand WHERE she's coming from and WHAT she's doing, you've shown her you two are "tapped in." You can talk to her and reveal things about each other.

B. COLD READING - This is where things like the Cube and Strawberry Fields can come in quite handy. The Cube is more of a general cold read and putting out truisms (true or false, you're just seeing what hook) about her. No matter how general the cold read is, she starts feeling that you know her on an emotional level. Strawberry Fields is similar, but it's a cold read of her on a SEXUAL NATURE. These two, when properly combined and deployed, can be devestating. You're showing that even though you were strangers 30 minutes ago, you've tapped into her on an emotional AND sexual level. You "know" what she's like as a person and as a SEXUAL being. Cold reading can be hit and miss, but when it hits, it can be very effective. This should be in EVERY man's arsenal.

6. MYSTERY - No, not Mystery the PUA, but you yourself having mystery. You should have a wide range of interests and stories, but don't give everything away for free. Once you have her hooked, you don't want to give her TOO much rapport before she's EARNED it. This can be an all too easy line to cross because you have to juggle it with COMMONALITIES. Initially in a cold approach, you're doing about 80% of the conversation until she's hooked and it starts becoming 50/50, but make her earn it. Show that you have a VUNERABILITY story. Show that you have an ACHIEVEMENT story. Have an allure to WHO YOU ARE, but don't give away the kitchen sink. Let her earn it by having HER reveal herself while you keep your cool. Once you know you have her hooked, push her away a little and tell her you want to get to know HER know since you've revealed all these things already.

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