How To Attract A Woman, Part 2

(This article is a continuation of a week long running series of posts on the subject of what women's attraction switches are and how to trigger them.)

First, a couple of mentions, the New York is off. It was always tentative, but couldn't work. Alas, there goes my chance to practice supermodel gaming. Another thing, hello to all Cliff's List peeps, reviews of products are on the left, reviews of my bootcamps on the right. Enjoy -oh- and as a reminder to all readers, you can sign up for the [Confidential] Asian Play Case Files which has special non-blog content.

OK, back to your regularly scheduled program. Let's talk about another two of Style's delinated attraction switches:

3) BEING DIFFERENT - This switch falls under the heading of pure Game. This is where your DHVs (Demonstrations of High Value) come in (remember, you can't simply be unique, you have to CONVEY it). You must demonstrate and communicate the uniqueness of your life experiences. I convey this by being the "Adventurer", the world-traveling playboy. I talk about all the places I've been to, the people I've met, and so forth. I pull them into MY reality because they're intrigued by it. They want to know what my reality and frame is like because, like the majority of females, their frames are weak or they're not satisfied with their lives. Your life is different, unique, fun, crazy, whatever, but PULL THEM INTO YOUR LIFE.

4) BEING THE PRIZE TO OTHER PEOPLE - This is part social proof and part Game. It's conveying CONFIDENCE, LEADERSHIP, AUTHORITY, and POPULARITY. Girls want someone that other girls will envy and who men will admire. She wants to brag about you, dream about you, and at times challenge you (to see if you're congruent with that frame).

Some sub-switches of #4:

A) LEADER OF MEN - Lead your entourage. Show that you can befriend an entire group of strangers. Like Mystery says, "Lead the men, and the women will follow." One tactic that I will do with a wingman is that if we're both in set with different girls, I'll roll by and say, "Hey man, you cool? You need a drink?" The pre-selection switch is thrown simultaneously in two sets. His set thinks he's cool because he's got a friend looking out for him and my set thinks I'm cool because I'm taking care of my boys.

B) DOMINANCE - This is actually part of sexual attraction. It's about leading, taking control of both conversation and physicality. It's cavemanning, leading around by the hand, and so forth. You can dominante with kino and you can dominate verbally. It's also being VERY knowledgeable about a subject that you can EDUCATE her. Now you're in the student/teacher frame. And guess who's the naughty student?

C) POPULARITY/SOCIAL PROOF (Authority) - This is basically knowing someone who can get you in. It's knowing the bouncers, promoters, and so forth. It's being an enabler and making everything go smooth. Your drinks come first, people part before you, etc. I've talked about this in some depth about Befriending Bouncers & Promoters.

D) POPULARITY/SOCIAL PROOF (Women & Jealousy) - This is knowing women and having plenty of female friends or befriending a girl that night and upgrading. With female social proof, almost EVERY single attraction & pre-selection switch is thrown. You're safe, you're popular and you're sexual. Work on this skill because it can make life & women soooo much easier. It's walking around with a girl playing FUCK/MARRY/KILL. It's dancing on the dance floor in front of everyone. It's showing the entire world (especially other women) that other women find you attractive. A lesser form of this is installing a Jealousy Plotline. One C&F way is "You have to protect me from all these drunk, horny women" while the more involved way is to pit two girls against each other (not literally, it's more like installing the idea in your target that another girl is trying to steal you away). That takes some doing.

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