[Confidential] Asian Playboy Case Files

Due to popular request, I am implementing new non-blog features as part of my newsletter.

Here's what's going into the [Confidential] Asian Playboy Case Files:
  1. Two signup forms: The first is the official Case Files via Aweber. The second allows you to receive an update when I post something new on my blog.
  2. Exclusive Content: The [Confidential] part is that I will start putting up my various field reports and lay reports that I had discontinued due to the growing popularity of the Game. These will be either entertaining stories and/or have lessons learned in them. For example, I had a drunk fool's mate with a blonde this last Sunday, but I didn't learn anything from it and quite frankly I don't think anyone would learn from it either. I just happened to be at the right place, at the right time, hanging out with the right people. No, it'll be reports where I discovered I was doing things consistently right (or consistently wrong) as well as things I need to improve upon, and hopefully you'll be able to learn from my successes and failures as well.
  3. Ask APB: I am constantly deluged with e-mails asking for help, advice, tips, etc. I will try to address them in the newsletter, so subscribers have priority over random e-mailers. Sure I'd love to help everyone I can, but even now I STILL have a whole backlog of e-mails and posts that I need to get back to (so be patient if you've e-mailed me before and I have yet to answer, I'll eventually get around to answering. Sometime soon. Definitely by this year.).
  4. Schedule: The [Confidential] Asian Playboy Case Files #1 will go out next week. My internet is still seriously on the fritz, so sign up (in the left column) before it goes out and send in your questions and I'll definitely make an effort to answer them in the newsletter.
  5. Monthly: I hope to make at least a monthly, if not bimonthly, newsletter. Obviously it's going to depend upon my workload and schedule.
  6. Distribution: Share this with your friends, but please do NOT post any of my Lay/Hookup reports to any public sites. By subscribing to this newsletter, you have agreed not share that portion of the newsletter on ANY public forum. If this is violated, I will be forced to discontinue my stories as I did when I pulled all of them from my public blog.

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