How to Attract a Woman, Part 4

Welcome to another installment of the "How to Attract a Woman" series based off of Neil Strauss's (aka Style) attraction switches in a woman.

Previously, I talked about how attraction in a woman is grown, or slowly heated up like an oven knob, by flipping various switches. You have the Big Three attraction switches: Looks, Money/Power and Game, where Game is your personality and other things you have control over.

Body & Style

Look at them pearly whites!

Under each main switch, there are many subswitches that as a PUA (pick up artist) and seducer you can and should trigger, like: Safety, Ambition/Security (conveying Money/Power), Being Unique (Game), Being the Prize (Power & Game), Leader of Men (Power & Game), Dominance (Power & Game), Pre-selected by Women (Game), Understanding (Game), Commonalities (Game), Cold Reading (Game), and Mystery (Game).

I'm saving Style's last attraction switch (sexual attraction) for my newsletter, while adding two more switches that fall under Looks, but are still in your control.

Namely, Body (Physique and Body language) and Style (Fashionable versus Peacocking).

7. Body (Looks) – There are two things under which you have control over that will help attract women to you. There’s your physique and there’s your body language.

Are you 50 Cent mean?

A. Physique – Obviously it’s how fit you are. Are you the typical skinny Asian nerd? Or are you ripped and lean? Or a meathead? It took me 6 months to a year to gain 40 pounds. I was the skinny, social Asian. At my most dedicated, I was working out 6 days a week, one hour of weight lifting in the morning, protein shake during the golden hour, cardio (spinning or beaching jogging) for another hour, and a protein shake right before bed. I was surfing, walking the beach, and got decently ripped (and found out I’ve got the 4pack not the 6pack). I eventually had to stop due to severe joint problems.

Or Eminem lean?

You don’t have to be a totally thugged out monster, but if a girl looks at you and automatically thinks “stereotypical, skinny Asian nerd” than you’ve got an uphill battle. By putting on a little bit of meat and muscle, you can go from simply being a total non-contender to someone who’s a competitor. Being fit also means that you have higher energy levels for going out, being alert, and being sexual fit. You have no excuse for at least lifting yourself from being skinny to being of average build.

B. Body Language – First impressions matter and they’re conveyed within seconds. Are you relaxed? Do you look like you’re having a good time? Do you seem confident? Are you the bad boy? Or are you the social butterfly everyone wants to be around?
Smile and relax!

Having good body language can help you convey many of the attractive qualities that I listed previously. In manner ways, it’s the ENABLER for all attraction switches. Being relaxed in a highly chaotic, socially uncomfortable situation (like clubs) means that you’re comfortable, non-nervous, and used to being social. This is where you sit down and take a lot of space with your arms and legs. It’s when you stand up and plant yourself with your legs spread wide. You’re IN CONTROL. You’re alpha. You’re dominant.

It’s also when you SMILE. This is also VERY essential to Asian men. A lot of non-Asians have a VERY hard time discerning our facial expressions. Even a neutral look on our part might make us look angry or upset. That may work if you’re a dyed in the wool thug and bad boy, but for the rest of us SMILE. There are plenty of smiling exercises that you can do, but bottom line is that ou should walk into a club smiling and looking like you own the place. It makes you appear safe, approachable, and friendly. And if your teeth are off-white, use those $30 Crest White Strips. They work and they’re inexpensive.

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