England, Australia, Paris, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Pennsylavnia, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston, Tennessee and even Dallas.

What do all these places have in common? Yes, gentlemen, each of these places may very well see the coming of the Asian Sensation known in rarified circles as Asian Playboy.

Let's break it down:

April 7 - 9: Exclusive Dallas 1on1 Bootcamp with a client from Minneapolis
April 16: Exclusive Dallas 1on1 Bootcamp
April 21 - 23: Exclusive Los Angeles 1on1 Bootcamp with a client from Japan
April 28 - 30: OPEN Las Vegas 2on1 Bootcamp - Client would like another student to attend for $750 instead of the normal $900 1on1 rate. Captain Jack may be in Vegas on vacation and would be willing to guest instruct so it would still be a 1on1 student to instructor ratio, how much better can it get?

May 5 - 7: Exclusive 1on1 Bootcamp in Toronto
May 26 - 28: Exclusive 1on1 Bootcamp in Pennsylvania

Unconfirmed or still Open
New York: One client has put down a deposit, but needs another student to join in. Time and date is open. Fill out the form to contact me about schedule and joining this NYC 2on1 bootcamp.
Boston: Still in negotiations and discussions.
Tennessee: Still in negotiations and discussions.
Dallas: Meeting another potential client for another 1on1 Exclusive Dallas Bootcamp.
England: If you're in England, I've got a point man who is willing to coordinate a large bootcamp. Fill out the form and I'll put you in touch with him in order to set things up. Because fare is so expensive, these will be larger bootcamps and I will fly in an additional instructor to help out.
Australia: Same as England.
Paris: Same as England.
Montreal: Still deciding whether or not to speak at Cliff's List Seminar.

Captain Jack and I (with Approach Coaches) will be holding ANOTHER Free (Almost) Bootcamp sometime in the near future. Like the last hit Dallas Meeting, this will NOT be a commercial pitch, but REAL four (4) hours worth of material WITH another four (4) hours worth of field work at the VIP room of a club.

The last (Almost) Free Dallas Annual Bootcamp was a hit with 40 people and guys were pulling girls up to the VIP room to Game, make out with, and number close. Date is unconfirmed, but stay tuned to an event that NO OTHER LAIR IN THE WORLD HAS DONE BEFORE.

Seriously, when was the last time you heard any of the big names give out their material with only a $20 club cover charge? That's what I thought. It won't necessarily be anything new to previous clients and bootcamp attendees, but it will definitely be an eye opener for those who have been coasting and not gotten on the "fast track" to rockstar PUAdom.

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Signed, Asian Playboy

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