The Dallas Lair Thanks Everyone For Coming

To All,

I truly hope everyone had an awesome time last night.

I hope you learned something new, but most importantly, I hope you enjoyed yourselves out in the field, hanging out, and scamming on chicks. That, to me, is the most important aspect of not just simply being a good PUA, but a real, cool, natural person.

Because, let me tell you, after winging with dozens upon dozens of newbies out in LA, most guys become Approach Machines (TM), but they aren't social, they aren't cool, and they just aren't having a lot of fun. And just like a business, 9 out of 10 PUAs will fail because they simply don't ENJOY the Game. They get burned out because they treat it like a job instead of having fun and taking the opportunity to enjoy socializing and flirting.

Flirting with hot babes and chilling with your friends is supposed to be fun and I hope you guys learned that while hanging out with us.

Thanks for all the great feedback, thanks to everyone that not only drove here all the way from Austin, Houston, and Lubbock, but flew in from New York, Los Angeles, and Oregon. You're always welcome back in the Big D.

As a FYI, we have nearly reached capacity for our two upcoming Beginner Bootcamps. The first one, to be held on November 12 will focus on Night Game & Approaching, and the following one on December 3rd will be specializing in Day Game. If you would like to sign up, please do so promptly as there are only a few spots remaining for each.

For those industrial bastards that actually got up at the crack of dawn to e-mail me your RSVPs, thank you. I mean, you're fucking crazy for waking up after a night of heavy sarging and only a few hours of sleep, but thank you for your interest. I will be e-mailing you details within a day and how you should send your initial $100 deposit to lock in your spot.

If you haven't already, no matter where you're located (Texas or not), we should keep in touch. Join the Dallas Lair group ( and feel free to post your own thoughts, ramblings, and field reports! And if you think we did a good job of showing you the Game as well as being a naturally attractive and cool person, feel free to post field reports or reviews on mASF, Thundercat's, or wherever.

Thank you all!

Asian Playboy & Prophet