Dallas FREE Introductory Bootcamp

On Saturday, October 15th the Dallas Lair will be holding it's first ever Introductory Bootcamp.

The workshop will be complete with a 4 hour seminar and 4 hour in-field workshop nighttime extravaganza.

The daytime seminar will consist of:

1) Building Inner Game & Confidence

2) Style & Fashion

2) Direct vs Indirect Game

3) Body Language

4) Sparking Attraction

5) Vibing & Making Conversation

6) Getting Sexual

7) Using Logistics to your Advantage

8) And more

The nighttime portion of the workshop will give you a chance to experiment with what you’ve just learned. It’s a hands-on experience where you can practice sarging with the Lair and receive insightful feedback on the fastest and most effective path to stepping up your game. Expect to be opening sets, trying new things, and having a hell of a lot of fun.

The guest instructors will be Prophet, a Mystery Method instructor and communication guru, and the highly cultured Asian Playboy, an independent instructor who has studied under the world’s most famous dating coaches.

You MUST contact us in order to be officially signed up. Space is limited, so RSVP now. Cover is $20. Refreshments will be provided during the seminar. The events kick off at 4pm and you’ll want to schedule enough time to last through the night, until we wrap up at 2am with an optional breakdown and debriefing. You will be responsible for transportation, club fees, and any drinks you might purchase at the bar (Only for yourself of course. We kick you out if we catch you buying chicks drinks).

And this is just a sneak preview of what's REALLY big coming to Dallas in November… Details will be revealed ringside during the bootcamp, VIP, 50-yard line, October 15th, at 4pm.