First meeting with the ASIAN PLAYBOY

As usual, I get the urge to write a new post in the middle of cramming for a statistic exam. Talk about a real time addiction to challenge. The day I stop cramming is the day I stop drinking coffee. So let's get the ball rolling.

Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to meet the man behind this seduction blog. It all started when I got a call inside the library. Caught up between daydreaming and answering the phone, I decided to make a run for it. Speeding out of my chair, dashing down the stairs, and finally storming out of the doors just to find out I missed the call. I waited for a couple of minutes then comes the voice message. As I finished listening to the last word, I smiled, frowned, then smiled again. I thought "Being a guest speaker would definitely be a pleasure. WAIT! I fucking have a test the next day. Oh well, what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger". I love and hate pick up at the same time. LOve the skills. HAte how good I've become at rationalizing. Oh well.

I get ready with a little cheat sheet of what topics I would discuss with the student. A little dot structure with the main topic in bulletin form (Public speaking helped after all). Wrapped it up, placed them in my pocket, and it's time to go meet the guys.

First Impression of asian playboy: Hmmmm... Silent guy sitting down on the computer. Okay he's friendly, Ohhhh I like the jacket. Definitely well versed in the seduction arts. Ooooohhh, that's something I haven't heard before. Nice, original theories from real life experience. Good voice tonality. Is it just me or is he projecting a sexual and confident vibe. OK, take a mental note of the positive mannerisms you want to model. He projects this calm, collected, and laid back vibe that I was aiming for a several months ago. OK, he's cool in my book. Wait, he's starting to bust on me, Oh no, ThAT cocky and funny shit ain't working on me bro! Well, you caught me off guard. It's not working again. Oh no you didn't just say that. Stop bantering I'm getting attracted and it's not right... LOL! I got to break my state before he gets to escalate... I eject to the bathroom, all that sprite shit is finally taking effect.

So lets rewind a bit, get out of my mind and play everything again. Got in the room and met the asian playboy and his student. Talked a bit about sticking points in daygame and then I took the ball from there. I only planned to talk for 30 minutes but 2 hours later I'm still babbling like a (insert cuss word here). Before I knew it, I gave away my whole structure in how I do daygame and the personal routines that I like to use. I was only planning to talk about opening and some big time day game concepts but I just got drifted away. Unfortunately I had to cut the meeting short. I've given value to the student and my mission is accomplished for that day. He's getting pretty good as he strategically number closed me as well (SHOUT OUT TO BERT? if I got your name right then My memory is improving).

Overall it was a fun experience. There was an awesome group vibe going on. Something I can't really explain in text but I would try If time permitted. This is getting pretty long. I just glanced over the time and I got a bunch of jumbled formulas to commit to memory.

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Till the next post
my fellow day gamers

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