Testimonial: Danger

Couple of items: One, Blogger has been experiencing some major technical difficulties and so it will go down every now and then. Two, with regards to the tone of the previous post, I get arrogant when I'm tipsy and I've overcome some obstacle... in this case the obstacle was a 6 foot tall, Polish blonde who hated my guts and didn't want me macking on her hotter European friend.

Anyways, I have a new testimonial from the Field Critique Sessions with Dallas PUA Danger. This is different from your standard bootcamps since it's a purely in-field instructing. It's more for guys who already have some of their stuff together, but still need a little extra push as well another pair of eyes when it comes to the womens: reading their signals, planning, developing attraction, general flirting, maintaing conversation, body language, projection, tonality, etc.

This is a bootcamp of a different kind. I wanted to have someone watch over my sets and point out my weaknesses when I am engaging. I hired Asian Playboy to critique me for 2 hours a night for 5 nights. 4 of the 5 nights are complete. The 5th will be made up next week.


I probably did a total of about 5 sets, mixing and matching my openers. Immediantly I was become aware of not projecting enough and too much pecking (listening in to hear what target was saying). I opened a slightly chuncky girl and her friend just to try new things. Ya chunky girls are the best to try new material on. Conversation was going on for a while and APB comes in and tells them to follow outside. Game, game game. etcc...blah. I went for # close..for sake of practice on chunky girl brunette. I take her phone while shes talking and probe her for some dirt on chunky. Again..for sake of practice...why not? Night ends. Overall nothing major. I would have liked for some of the previous sets I did to stick more. 1 # close. Goals for Wed: Work on projecting my voice, and not rocking back and forth side to side in set.

Tues- Took off


I recall doing between 5 - 7 sets this night. Went for a quick 30 second # close, but when I called my phone from hers it didn't go through to mine. GRRR! They were in a hurry to leave. Other than that I remember having some approach anxiety problems that I worked through. Did a lot of 2-3 seated sets. Voice projection was better, still pecking and rocking while in set though. Another thing APB brought to my attention is the need to isolate. I'd eject and come back later but wouldn't isolate. Goals for Thurs: Isolation, continue working on projection and body
language. Should of had 1 # close.


I wanted to go to a loud place so I would be forced to project my voice. Clubs in Dallas don't get much louder than here. 2 sets stuck real well and they were both lone wolfs. Hb 8.5 blonde from BFE (somewhere an hour outside of fort worth). I was sitting down talking game plans with APB and notice her standing to the left of me apparently waiting on someone to get back out of restroom. I pull her in and have her sit next to me. Game, game game,,go for # close..her phone's in car. I eject then come back 10 minutes later. Gamed again for a while then she gets pulled away. On this one I should of had her put her # in my phone, moved her around the club, taken her to dance floor and isolated. I failed to do all these essentials, but I glad I did because.....I meet HB 9 blonde goes to SMU. Im on the patio listening to APB's analysis of a previous set and see that the 2 guys hb9 blonde was talking to left. I immediantly go situational/direct with "What kind of friends leave a blonde babe all by herself?" I sit down, game, game, and remembered to move her. I say,"lets go get a drink." Now instead of buying girls drinks, which I hardly ever do, I like to give them a surprise. I order her and myself a water with a red cherry on top. While I was at the bar I notcied a few times I went blank and just couldnt come up with anything to say. I felt like ejecting or but kept telling myself I must plow through, keep plowing. I # close and moved her throughout night from patio to dance floor to bar and finally to a nice isloation spot with drapes just behind the dance floor. I remember her saying something and me unconsciously firing back, "Your so cute, I could kiss you right now. But I don't know that you'd let me." She gave me the shrug as to say I dunno. I point to my cheek and have her kiss that then I point to my lips and begin a nice makeout session. Did this until the club closed at 2. Setup plans for next week. Very solid night. Makeout close + # close. Goals: Build on the momentum.


After a 45 min drive to Fort Worth we arrive at about 10:30. The placed got packed but I wasn't too impressed with the quaility of people. I believe me and APB were by far the best dressed males there. Tonight was one I'll call a learning experience. I must have done about 10 sets but none of them seemed to stick well. The biggest problem I had was I myself wasn't sticking through it. PLOW, PLOW fucking PLOW is what I need to do. It was quite and older crowd. I mostly talked to people between 25 and 35. I believe my longest set was about 15min. I didn't isolate either. Oh well there will be other nights. Like I said a learning experience. This leaves me plenty to work on.

Overall this was a great experience. APB has a kean eye for picking up the subtleties. I don't know a better in field PUA in Dallas so I was ectatic that he'd do this for me for dirt cheap. I am now completely aware of my weakness as well as my strengths. Thanks to APB for your effort and enthusiam in this process.

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