Bootcamp Testimonial: AJ

Another one rolls up, this time from Mr. Universe... AJ! Again, this can be found on the Dallas Lair.

First off I want to thank Asian Playboy, Prophet, and O.C. Waterboy for putting on a great bootcamp. Also, I want to thank Captain Jack and Jason for helping out with approach coaching at Carsons.

If any of you guys in this lair are on the fence about taking a workshop, I guarantee you won't find any better ratio in the field than Natural Attraction's 2:1 students to instructors ratio like it was this past weekend. For that matter, you won't find a better deal money-wise either. As far as the lecture component of the bootcamp went, my favorite parts by far were when each student opened a fake set and got critiqued by all 3 instructors on body language, voice projection, kino, eye contact, etc...VERY HELPFULL!!! Also when we were critiqued on our walking style, sitting style, standing style...I learned a lot. You can read all you want on the internet, but unless you have instructors pointing out the small mistakes you make consciously or subconsciously, you can only improve so much.

The information presented in lecture was well organized, and contained some new ideas i hadn't heard before. We learned and practiced both indirect and direct styles of approach...Thats like a 2 for 1 workshop right there!!! All questions were entertained and explained in great detail. I even learned Mystery's magic coin snatch which I am sooo using next time i go out sarging.

As you already know we went to Carson's Live for the venue. I had never been there before, so as usual i got lost and was late (but not as late as i was to the lecture haa). When i got there and walked into the VIP table area, I saw dudes already # closing chicks so i got pumped up. I got a drink from the waitress and turned on the sarging switch by remembering something i learned earlier that day - I walked around the place actually thinking that I owned Carson's Live. I was asking people if they were having a good time just like it was my bar- it really got me into a good state of mind.

I tried out direct three times and 2 out of the 3 chicks were married...BUT BUT they still smiled and said oh thank you and shit after i opened them with "You are (pause) beautiful...I would like to get to know you". I never got close to getting slapped once or any of that shit. In fact the last chick i tried it on was all over me after- she was kinda fucked up at that point but whateva.

On my indirect sarges i did pretty good. I opened about 3 or 4 sets total and kiss/#closed 2 out of 4. After the first # close went well, I ended up pulling these two pretty decent chicks... HB8 at least and HB7.5 that were leaving at 12:45 back to the vip tables where they stayed till 2am!!! OC Waterboy immediately saw me running game on the HB8 and did an awsome job winging for me with the HB7.5. I ended up kiss closing/# closing the HB8 before we left.

I also got a chance to try a new kind of approach that i learned earlier in the day. It was a strategicly planned wing approach where i went up and made an ass out of my self on purpose and my awsome wing Brandon (name spelling?) came in and rescued the girls from his drunk friend. As it turns out i ended up sitting in this chicks bf's seat. We started talking and she was saying he was on his way back bla this homeless looking guy walks by and i tell him he can have his seat back...I bring this ugly homeless guy over to her and ask how long they have been going out. She is sooo embarrassed. She said i was crazy and shit. Her boyfriend comes back and I just destroy him by acting alpha and laughing with his gf. Im kinoing her and she is telling me and her friends how funny i am IN FRONT OF HER B.F. who isnt saying shit. I end up ejecting cuz i feel like a dickhead moving in on his girl but it was my first mixed set so whatever.

Late night at IHOP...Again i was late... this time because im sitting across the street at Denny's waiting for everyone haa. [Asian Playboy] spots a 2 set sitting near us and asks who is going in. After i looked at the menu and order, i said fuck it and just went for it. I am sitting with them kinoing in less than 1 minute!!! These were not HB9's or 10's by any means but one had big fake tits (She told me about them) and the other had a lil attitude. Well i start running game at HB BIG BOMBS and my trusty wing Brandon rolls up and saves the day for sure. He is gaming HB attitude and she is feeling his game. At a few points during the meal...OH YES WE ENDED UP EATING WITH THE GIRLS and NOT THE GROUP WE CAME WITH.....I start noticing that Brandon's chick is giving IOI's to me also and that my chick is giving IOI's to Brandon too. I guess they both couldnt decide cuz they like both of our game....In the end HB BIG BOOBS wants to take me home and tells me so, but her friend says she is tired and cockblocks. HB BIG BOOBS writes her number and name on a napkin (without me asking for it) and brings it over to me. I give her a kiss and tear the fucking napkin up.

Its 4am so its time for bed. Next day on the plane home, open up the girl sitting next to me on southwest HB7 maybe. Nothing too special...I talk with her for a while, but stop before showing her direct attraction because like Prophet said...its a waste of your time and their time if you are not into them. Nevertheless, she keeps opening me back up with "sooo..this and that"..."asks for my name"..."IOI's galore..poor girl" When im waiting for my bags she comes up to me and says "Should i give you my number in case you want to hang out some time" Haa ok fine, maybe she has cute friends?

WHAT A WEEKEND!!! THE BOOTCAMP WAS AWSOME....I swear every time i got out sarging with [Asian Playboy], Prophet, and all the other members in the lair, my game not only improves some... but most importantly I have a great time hanging out with you guys and just having fun sarging.

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