Bootcamp Testimonial - Shing Li (Wing Girl)

A bootcamp testimonial from our wing-girl. She was awesome at providing social proof and winging the guys. Maybe a little TOO awesome because at one point she had two girls trying to pick HER up!

What to say? It was great to meet all of you... great bunch of guys. Practice makes perfect so keep up the good work. I winged for 3 sets at Carsons. Thanks APB.

The class portion was very well planned and easy to follow. In the books you just read about it but there is nothing like practicing in front of a group of people and getting instant feedback. Even as a girl, I learned a lot... many are life skills that everyone should possess.

The instructors are awesome. There are all these chicks at the club and they can have any that they want... but they are not there to pick up chicks. They are there for YOU. They push you and help you find sets, send in a wing if necessary, observe you, and give you feedback.

Thank you Prophet, Asian Playboy, OC Waterboy, and Captain Jack.

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