Bootcamp Testimonial: Otto

Another one from Otto (tomorrow I'll put up our wing-girl's review):

Damn, there's not much left to say...

Being the least experienced out of the group with PU I feel like I had the most to gain. AP, Prophet and OCWaterboy did a great job on the classroom portion of the event. Had a syllabus and it flowed in an orderly fashion(for more details see above).

The practical exercises where we got up and did approaches was very helpful. I felt like a douchebag getting up in front of everyone and trying openers, but I honestly think by doing it in the classroom first I didn't feel like one at Carson's. Having yourself critiqued is not easy, but it's one of the best things a PUA can do to help you improve your sorry ass. Don't just hear the critique, actually follow their suggestions and you'll learn a lot.

Prophet's suggestion to keep a cheat sheet was awesome. Went to the bathroom 3 different times to make sure I was staying on track with my ABC's(see above posts).

When we first got to Carson's I met Captain Jack and he didn't waste any time dragging my ass out of the VIP area to do approaches. As this was my very first outing I was nervous as hell, but he started pointing out sets to appraoach and even fed me lines when I would lock the hell up (Dude's a laid back motherfucker). He especially helped when approaching seated sets(something we briefly discussed in the class). Basically, he said go up and grab the table with both hands, open the set and make someone move so you can sit your ass down. It worked. On one 2 set in particular he told me to go and sit with them while he went to the bathroom and stay with them until he came back. I ain't gonna lie it felt like he was in there a damn hour. I ejected about thirty seconds before he came back while things were still going good with the 2 set (one of my biggest sticking points is getting chickenshit and ejecting when things are going smoothly). Every time I opened a set he had another one waiting for me.

I want to give a big thanks to Jack for letting me loosen up for a minute when I first got there before pushing me out into my first 2 set.

As the night wore on it seemed like I was talking to everyone even if it was just to smile and say hi. Just like they all said repeatedly throughout the night, "The more you open, the easier it becomes."

Prophet and AP are so freakin' relaxed out in the field and I think they did an awesome job trying to oversee each student with at least one set they picked out for us.

They did a good job picking our VIP seating too. It was straddled between one of the bars and a dancefloor so HB's were walking through all night long and if you saw one you liked you just opened her as she walked by and they always stopped to talk.

As I said earlier, I had the least experience out of the group. To me, one of the best things about the night was my awareness of all the other guys in the bar: The wall of stalkers lining the edge of the dancefloor staring at HB's, but too afraid to go in and actually dance with one, the lurkers lining the wall of the club pimped out to the nines, but faces all aglow with the blue light of their cell phones as they pretend to text "the friends they're waiting on" or the HB they're going to hook up with later after the club (even though they hadn't talked to a single female since I saw them walk through the front door) or the guys who got so wasted before they approached a female that they were immediately blown out by their own worst enemy, themselves. In the course of one night I had become an ardent people watcher and, in fact, even joked with many girls about something I saw a guy say or do to them earlier in the night.

I used to be one of those fucking guys fellas and taking this Bootcamp and working with the class of PUA's that were there that night really opened my fucking mind up! That was on Saturday I'm still feeling good about that night.

If you're going to the BC this weekend good for you! If not I suggest you get your ass on a waiting list with these guys!

This is Otto
Over, and out.

P.S. For me: 1#close, one kiss close and one free beer from a female who "never buys beers for guys". She shouldn't have lost that bet (thanks Prophet)!

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