Oberion's Bootcamp and Field Report Day 3: Graduation Night

"I never opened inside a VIP before so I had to ask APB to demo.

He went to open two blondes, I would rate them HB9s. He opened them, pulled me in, introduced myself, kino the HB9 that was closest..."

So where the hell are the famed mountains of Colorado? I keep on looking around me, but all I see are flat hills and Mormon chicks. Or is that flat chicks and Mormon hills?

I'm currently in Colorado for a followup bootcamp under my "APB's Alumni" program (where former students can receive discounted rates) to work on intermediate/advanced sticking points now that he's got his approach anxiety under control.

Anyways, I now give you Oberion's Bootcamp Field Report that he wrote on the last day of bootcamp that he had with me about a month ago...

Today, we went over to the final steps of this bootcamp: Extraction and F-close. At 10pm, I got dress and headed out to sarge with APB.

I asked APB if he was able to lay Jennifer last night...

He had make sessions with her because the driver probably gave her some ASD and her current boyfriend is her sugar daddy. But who cares, I would of kick a few people’s ass to have a make out session with Jennifer. Hands-down the hottest lone-wolf for last night.

Okay back to my last night of sarging with APB. As much as I hate having him push me into sets, I am going to miss it dearly. Because now it is my turn to push myself into opening sets or else this training would of been for nothing. I will NOT let that happen. Besides, I swore to him that by the end of July, I will open 5 sets using direct game in his honor.

BTW, last night, someone got shot a block away from my hotel. Good thing we were in Greenvillage, it might of been us in the crossfire.

The night started out at the fuse (sp??) and for the entire night, we bounced back between the fuse and o-bar. Here goes, bare with me. Its a long night.


Set 1: hired gun

APB told me to open this very very attractive hired gun. She was standing there by herself and APB said, “GO.”

I still had some AA problem. He told me that his other students open her all the time to practice and warm up with. I thought about it for a bit while APB stared at me. I thought back to last night’s incident with the large mixed set (4 guys, 3 girls).

I asked myself, “Do I want to feel like shit again? Hell fucking no.”

I walked backward and started to open her. Tonight, we can up with a new set of openers … all high energy material. Basically combined all my best stuff and throw it all out at once. This high energy was suppose to be spread out in a conversation to create some BT but we decided we needed something different.

I opened with “Ex BF Jealous” … input, acknowledge … went into “online sexual compeition with ex” … went into “paintball and cops” … ran “friend pissing on GF” … and the final and sure fire BT spike … “The ketchup.” I had to use A BUTT LOAD OF ENERGY for this routine. But it was worth it, thru out the whole routine, she was laughing her ass off. Then she fizzy out on me when I asked my leading question.

She qualified herself by saying she works 3 jobs. I told her that I am here Dallas .. ran the “dallas highway” BT spike, she laughed again, she asked where I was from, I told her. She told me that she like to snowboard and I said “Right on!” and made her do the rock with me. Then I told her that she doesn’t look like the type that would snowboard … fluff fluff.

By this time, my high energy material has taken a toll on me, I kindly exit and she asked me for my name. I put my hand out for her to shake it, told her “obe” … held onto her hand a bit longer … went into a few more material … turn my palm up, released the handshake grip, and she slowly took her hand out of my palm. if she left it there longer, I would of stayed in and ran some of my hockey DHV stories … I need my drink and she was damn cute. Set lasted about 25 minutes.

problem with this set: nothing, absoutely nothing, more kinoing would of been nice.

positive with this set: lots of kinoing, high energy, BT spiked up the ass, went thru mystery’s A1 - A3, felt great after I ejected. She was a fun girl to talk to.

Set 2: two hot sit down set

Right after I got my water, APB said, “two set to your right, go.”

Once again, I hestiated, my brain started thinking again.

APB said, “the longer you wait, the harder its gonna get.”

I thought back to my post about last night about never feeling like shit again, asked myself “do i want to feel like that again? like a fucking beta? hell fucking no.”

Stood up, walked over, wrapped my hands over their table, open with my high energy material … everything’s good … they stold my frame but I stold it back … I went into story 1 … they stole my frame … I stole it back. The cocktail waitress came by, stole my frame, when the cocktail waitress left, I reengaged the girls but I had lost it … they were now focused on each other. I thank them for their thoughts and jet. Set lasted about 15 - 18 minutes.

problem with this set: kept on losing my frame. based on their response to my opener, I shouldn’t of done story 1, should of went into BT spike entitled “The Ketchup.” Didn’t kino one bit.

positive with this set: lol … not sure what the positive was on this one …

Bounced to o-bar

Set 3: standing 3 set

APB spotted the same 3 set I avoided earlier. He told me to open. Again, I didn’t want to feel like shit so I told him, “here goes.”

I walked over to the three set, ran my high energy routine, mid-way thru the routine, one of the girls excused herself to get a drink, the other two stayed. I got both of them laughing with the BT spikes, especially the girl in black. She thought it was the funniest shit ever. I couldn’t stand talking over the loud music anymore so I ejected.

APB asked, “why didn’t you move them?”

… yeah … forgot about it.

At the same time, my mouth was getting dry. APB, “I don’t give a shit, keep talking, move them, isolate, keep talking.”

I will remember that for next time bro. Set lasted about 20-22 minutes.

problem with this set: had to compete with the damn speakers, forgot to try and move or isolate them

positive with this set: got the attention of the girl in black, she was the cutest one out of all of them. kinoed her mulitple times.

Bounced to fuse

Set 4: two seated asian girls

Saw two seated asian girl, didn’t look like they were there with anyone, approached, used my high energy routine, they didn’t bite … their energy was lower then mind .. WAY LOWER! I bailed. Set lasted about 8 - 10 minutes.

problem with this set: instead of using the high energy routine, should of used the “I love you” routine … it required less energy since they didn’t have as much as me. I brought it and they didn’t, damnit!

positive with this set: shit if I know.

set 5: 3 seated asian girls w/ an open chair

After opening set #4, APB already had a set ready. There was 3 seated asian girls with one chair open. He told me, “Go in now or some chump is going to take it up.”

I went in after getting my water because my mouth is dry again. I went in, wrapped my arms around their table, ran the “I love you” opener but before I finish this guy rolled up. I asked the girls, “who’s this guy?” They said, “You are sitting in his seat.”

hrmm so this guy is their friend … alright, befriend him. Shooked his hand, told him I’m going to take his seat for a quick bit and he was cool with it. I finished the opener … asian girls are lame to open up with this type of stuff. One of the girls shit tested me, I passed it. Set lasted about 12-14 minutes … respectfully eject.

problem with this set: no clue, the opener was a low energy opener since they weren’t loud or really active

positive with this set: befriend the guy immediately, propped him by telling him “pretty intimating” and ignored him a bit. After I went back to meet up with APB, he told me that the guy seems to be a natural because all of his movement was the movement of a natural.

Bounced to o-bar

set 6: 3 seated set

Earlier when we were at the o-bar, we already made plans with the bouncer to let us into the VIP section when it gets busier tonight. We rolled up into the o-bar, headed for the VIP section.

We meet up with Scott and Matt (whom APB opened eariler), they were giving us social proof inside the VIP section. I told Scott that two of his female friends are outside so he went to get them.

The girls showed up and I kinoed one of the girls that APB was talking to earlier … we sat around a bit. The VIP section is a bit weird … lots of attractive girls.

I never opened inside a VIP before so I had to ask APB to demo. He went to open two blondes, I would rate them HB9s. He opened them, pulled me in, introduced myself, kino the HB9 that was closest to my by putting my hands on her leg, kept it there for a while, and asked, “how’s she doing sitting under the loud speakers?”

I was going to run my high energy routine but didn’t … so I bit the set later.

Now its my turn. 3 sets behind me, part of Scotts group. We already know that none of these girls are sleeping with Scott or Matt. I had to take a piss really REALLY bad.

APB apparently didn’t care, he told me if I didn’t open, he was going to tell them I was gay. I told him, “Alright, I am going to run “The ketchup” and then go take a leak.” I went in, sat in the middle of all 3 of them, and ran “The ketchup” story. I losted two girls but kept one interested. By the end of the story, she was laughing her ass off. I excused myself to take my needed piss. Total time in the VIP section … 25 - 30 minutes. The set I open lasted about 5 - 7 minutes.

problem with this set: I need to take a leak. yeah yeah … scape-goat. One of the girl wanted to dance with me but ummm I don’t do hip-hop too well so I told her to shake her ass instead .

postive with this set: I am definitely sure The ketchup is overall the best BT spike that I came up with thus far.

Set 7: … ??

I think I opened 7 sets but I can’t for the life of me remember what happened or maybe APB lost count …

When I get back to Colorado, I am going to sign up for some hip hop dance class. There’s one next to my house. I figure if I can do some hip hop dance basic that looks cool, I can open sets of girls that are dancing outside the dance floor and great DHV when they start to jam to a song, you can start grooving with them. See it would of been great in Set 6.

O yeah … I was suppose to do 1 direct approach tonight but I was too chicken shit for that at the moment. APB kept pushing me to do it … I’m still having a problem with indirect … I can’t do direct yet. I swore to him that by end of July, I will open 5 sets using direct method in his honor. I’m a man of my words, now I just need to do a shit load of practice, lol!

Overall, tonight was another great night. Better then the 1st. Now if I could just drop my AA from 6.5 to 3 or 4 and I’m good.

-Obe out.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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