Oberion's Bootcamp and Field Report Day 2: Bars! Bars! Bars!

"APB got mad or something and went to demo. He pulled that girl away from that guy so far it was insane.

She like totally jumped all over him and was screaming and crap. Minutes later, he pulled me into and introduce me to her."

I now give you the second field report in what was Oberion's ongoing odyssey and journey to rockstar PUAdom. If you remember, this was also the night of the Racism Field Report 1: Greenville where I then started making out with a hot blonde in a bar (near the end of Obe's field report under Direct Opener Set).

Tonight, APB took me to the GreenVillage where they have bars after bars after bars, clubs after clubs after clubs. It was insane. We started the night at The Beagle, a tri-story bar + club type environment. And they had a patio.

Set 1: hired guns

After sitting down for a bit and waited for the crowded to get settled in, APB told me to open the hire guns because my big mouth said they were cute. I didn’t want to, again the AA kicked in, so he walked me thru it:

1st, get up
2nd, walk over there
3rd, they will start talking to you
4th, run your opener

Sounds pretty easy right? I still didn’t want to do it even though I had my opener down. So the final suggest to me:

‘Obe, if you don’t open the hire gun within 3 seconds, I am going over there and tell them you are gay.’

Within 2 seconds, I was making my way over to talk to the hire guns. It happened as APB predicted. The hire guns opened me and I told her since it is slow, maybe she can help me answer a quick question … ran my natural opener … didn’t quite stick and she didn’t really care for it. I should of just kept plowing with my material but failed to do so. Set lasted about 5 minutes.

problem with this set: waited too long to approach, even if it was hired gun, didn’t bring the energy to the conversation, didn’t plow thru.

positive with this set: APB didn’t have to tell the hire guns that I was gay.

Set 2: sitting two sets

Two attractive girl (HByoung and HBolder) came and sat within our proximity. APB opened them with the ‘I love you’ opener, they bit it. Then he pulled me in and started to distract HBolder so I can talk to HByoung. At first, I was watching him work the set and both girls were hooked in. APB kept giving me the signal to start talking to HByoung. I finally got the signal and started to talk to HByoung. Talked about Dallas highway system … talked about school … HBolder left to get some drinks. APB and I are keeping HByoung occupied … APB exited the set to get our drinks refilled … leaving me with HByoung. I kept the conversation going pretty well until HBolder came back with shot glass in her hand and I got amoged by the drinks, LOL. I lost the set, decided to get up and walked around a bit.

Found APB and he told me to get back into the set with my natural opener … I didn’t do it … so we went to sat next the two sets again. No further communication. Set lasted a total of ~15 minutes.

problem with this set: didn’t bring the energy to take over the conversation, unsure of how to continue talking, didn’t improv enough, lack of concentration

positive with this set: hrmm … none to mentioned

Set 3: two standing sets

Walked up to them … ran the natural opener … HBblonde was turned off … HBredhead was a bit hooked and wanted to know more. I provided the background, received the input, acknowledge their thoughts, but the vibe wasn’t there to continue. Thanked them for their thoughts. Set lasted about 7 minutes.

Problem with this set: lost attraction with HBblonde one almost immediately, no way of pulling her back in (inexperience maybe?), they weren’t buying the whole opener

Positive with this set: hrmm … nothing to say about this one either

Set 4: two standing sets

APB two standing sets, told me to open, I just bombed out of two sets and lost the confidence. “get up” said APB, “walk over there, and talk. you know what to say.” I got up and walked over, kinoed both them and made them face me. Opened with ‘I love you.’ HBsexy provided input, I turned to look at HBchubby and got her input. Acknowledge both of their thoughts, negged HBsexy for being negative, provided background of the opener, attempted to continue the conversation into story 1 but HBSexy started to walk away and HBChubby followed. Set lasted about 10 minutes.

problem with this set: Didn’t hook the HBsexy completely, HBChubby was pretty hooked.

positive with this set: I approached a bit faster. Interrupted the conversation and got them to pay attention to me. negged HBSexy

bounced venue

Set 5: two standing set

APB spotted two girls and said, ‘obe, open them.’ I took a look. HBPblonde and HBBlackhair. HBPblonde was fucking amazing good looking. I wanted to fuck her right there and then, I don’t care if I went to jail … took a deep breath … walked over … asked if they were going to be anti-social all night … they qualified themselves to me … went into the ‘I love you’ opener, input, acknowledge, background, fluffs … got stuck … asked them if they want to meet my awesome bad ass friend. HBBlackhair said ‘Sure.’ HBPblonde wasn’t so sure.

I pointed to APB and holla at him … APB signal me to bring them over to him (to be more alpha). The sets hesitated but I moved them along … they met and I forgot to get their names so name introduction was done on the spot … HBPblonde didn’t want to handshake with me but I kept my hand out there and she shook it. After she shook it, I held onto it for a bit then turned my palm to see if she would still hold on … nope … then I introduced the HBBlackhair … didn’t know her name … she negged me for not remembering it … HBPblonde told her that I never asked for it … Nicole (HBPblonde) and Amber (HBBlackhair).

Did some fluffs … told APB that they were being anti-social. HBPblonde said, “no we are not, our group is over there.” I told her, “but we are the cool one here.” didn’t buy it. but whatever, they were leaving so APB tried to make they stay longer, they stayed about another 3 minutes. Set lasted about 15 minutes.

problem with this set: didn’t follow up with any stories

positive with this set: interrupted their exciting conversation, smiled, deliver my neg, fluff, delivered the ‘I love you’ opener, went great, tested for compilances by moving them from their current location.

Set 6: mixed set (AMOG)

APB spotted two sets and told me to open … I hesitated … he told me that if I hestiate … it will only get harder. By the time, I got the guts to open these two sitting set, I walked past a hotty. Super HOT, hotter the the HBPblonde in set 5. I opened her incorrectly but she bit it because of the way I delivered it, “How tall are you?” it should of been “How short are you?” We talked, I kinoed her, pulled her face really closed to me in order for her to hear me, our face was skin to skin baby, I could of plant a kiss right on her cheek without even have to move in, that’s how close we were.

I noticed a guy standing there and ran the “do you guys know each other?” She told me that they came to the joint together and are friends. Okay, so he’s the friend, now I need to befriend him. The guy ended up pretty laid back, I talked to this super hot babe some more, pulled her into me, I leaned in JUST a bit but she was the one that was all into me. She leaned in and bumped my head and I negged her … bad move … she was showing IOI and I didn’t reward her but negged her. I put my hands around her lower back and pulled her into talk to me again because she was now talking to the male friend.

I started to talk to the guy over her, asking him what he does and shit like that. Pulled the super hot babe back into me for more discussion. They had to bail so I ended up waiting for APB. Set lasted about 15 minutes.

problem with this set: negged her when I shouldn’t off.

positive with this set: open this set within 1 second. I didn’t even fucking THINK. It just happened. they words came flowing out of my mouth and shit just kept on rolling. Lots of KINO, I never KINOed anyone like this before, shoulder, back, pulled her in, put her face against my face, pulled her into me some more. It was pretty crazy.

Direct Opener Set

The goal for tonight was 10 sets, one of the 10 would be opened using direct. I didn’t get to do my direct. I was too nervous to use it. APB saw a lone-wolf. He told me I had to use my direct game. I didn’t do it, the lone-wolf ended up being opened by this one chump.

APB got mad or something and went to demo. He pulled that girl away from that guy so far it was insane. She like totally jumped all over him and was screaming and crap. Minutes later, he pulled me into and introduce me to her. He told me, “my bad, I know this girl, I made out with her a few months ago.”

Jennifer ended buying APB and I some drinks. She was carrying 3 drinks and was handling us the drink. I tried to pull the chair up for her but her ass was in the way. I figure what the fuck, I’m going to be a bit bold here and now and squeeze her ass and move it so I can get the chair. So I reached over, squeezed her ass, moved it aside and moved their chair. She sat down. APB pulled her from the chair and placed her next to him. They started talking, APB pulled me into the conv. I negged her a bit and she was totally cool with it. I kinoed her some more. Then this one dude showed up and started to take over the conv.

I saw APB counting, 1 … 2 … 3. He stood up and turned Jennifer’s attention back to him and AMOGed the guy. The Amog happens to be Jennifer’s ride. APB told me that he’s going to lay her tonight and wanted me to cockblock the driver. I told him, “lets do it.” I walked up to the guy, introduce myself, started to pull him further away from APB, made him face me and his back against Jennifer and APB. I started doing the ‘machine gun’ AMOG tactic on him … basically keeping him occupied while APB works his magic on Jennifer. After 5 - 9 minutes of keeping this guy occupied, the deal seems to be somewhat sealed.

Overall, tonight, I felt I did pretty bad. I didn’t even get near running my comfort routine. I hestiated a lot. My sets weren’t long, shit didn’t stick too well. APB had to demo 3 times when he only demoed once the other night. My AA was high. The only two things I did accomplish tonight, based on the new material, are: opened a mixed amog set and cockblock for APB at the end of the night.

On top of that, we got rascially amogged and was ready to throw-down with some honkey. When APB and I was walking out of our first venue, this two white trash decided to say, “o look, its Bruce Lee and the goober gang.” I didn’t hear it but APB did. He walked back in and was yelling, “hey honkey, honkey, did you want to start something?” At this point, I was rolling back in to see what’s going on. One of the white trash friend saw me walking in and ready to throw down, so he told APB that it was nothing, his friend didn’t mean anything by it. We exit the venue without anymore problems.

If I was to use an scape-goat, I would have to say that this Greenvillage place is different then the place we went to last night. This was almost a college town so things that worked in one place will not work at another. My first three set was a disaster, nothing sticked, but as we moved further into the night, it was sticking but I didn’t follow thru with story 1, story 2, leading question, BT, DHV, isolation, more leading questions, didn’t run any connection method. I was basically stuck in A1 - A2.

Nothing special to discuss tonight, APB headed out to lay Jennifer, I’m pretty sure it will happen. Out of all the girls, I approached tonight, I would of LOVE to have bring the girl in set 6 back to my hotel.

-Obe out.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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