Gatsby's Bootcamp Day 1: Horrified!

"One of the girls unbuttons my shirt, and this takes me off guard (sexual anxiety), and the Asian5 is touching my chest. I don’t know what to do and I kind of freeze... So about 3, 4 isolations and 2 number closes. Fun night."

-Gatsby (New York City)

Fun times in New York. Having back to back bootcamps gave me some time to see the city as well as allow my Asian PUA students to network with each other.

Would you believe that two of my students actually knew each other? One of them had introduced his Asian friend through Neil's book, "The Game." Small world.

I know give you the Great Gatsby's first bootcamp field report from Day 1.
Boot Camp – Day 1 – Horrified!

So it was time for my first ever boot camp.

I must admit… I was very nervous. Maybe even terrified. Not have I never done a boot camp of any kind, but I’ve never gone to a bar / club. So I’d have to overcome two things. My anxiety of approaching girls and hanging out at a club. I kept on repeating to APB, “I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die.”

APB would look at me and laugh and tell me to relax and have fun. (EASY TO SAY FOR YOU, APB!)

We took a taxi to Pre-Post, a cool bar / restaurant and I had an Amstel Light and a Red Bull Vodka. I still wasn’t feeling too well, so I jacked some of the Red Bull that APB bought. LOL.

We then bounced to this rooftop bar called Bed. APB had gone there w/ a previous student and knew the bouncer, so we were able to get in for free.

APB scans the place when he gets there and takes me outside on the rooftop. He says “2-set, go.” I open w/ my “Crash” opener to Chicago7 and Philadelphia8. I make small talk and I exit.

APB says to me, “Why did you exit?”
I reply “I felt no attraction.”
APB tells me, “Dude, she was giving you IOIs and opening up to you. Learn to recognize IOIs.”

I realized that he was right. Then he tells me of another 2-set out on the patio, and I open them again w/ my “Crash” opener. I was able to get into my routines and tell 2, 3 stories, but the conversation kind of staled out and I exited.

Then, APB tells me to re-approach Chicago7. So I do. We talk, and I tell her my stories, and all of a sudden Philadelphia8 walks into the bar, and Chicago7 and I are isolated! My first isolation ever.

I exit because she has to go back to her friends, but APB was impressed that I was “able to isolate” her that easily.

APB sends me into another 2-set, which stales out pretty quickly after a few stories, but when I come back I realize that APB had opened a 2-set, Israeli7.5 and Israeli7. I join the conversation, and I start gaming Israeli7.5 but I decide that my target should be Israeli7. She seems more fun. I tease her by saying that she’s my new pet, and that I’m going to take her home and take good care of her. LOL.

APB says, “Let’s go inside.”

And they comply. I saw the first compliance test in action.

We go back in and vibe and have fun, bantering, joking, telling stories. I noticed BT drop w/ my target Israeli7 when I neg her too hard. Bad calibration. Just for practice, I made sure I tell all my stories to my target, about 8, 9 of them but she seemed to like them.

I definitely need to work on my energy, tonality, projection, etc.

Israeli6.5 goes outside to make a phone call, and I follow her outside and makes her “show me the city.” I number close her by asking for her phone and calling my number and storing it in her phone. Wow, that wasn’t too hard!

So the two Israeli girls exit, and APB sends me into a 3-set. Kind of a crash-and-burn. White7, White8, Asian8. Oh well.

I come back to sit, and APB states, “MORE ENERGY!”

APB sends me into a 2-set. I hesitate, and I can’t see them anymore. I get pissed off, and look for them, and open them w/ the “I love you” opener. It works well, and it’s cool because the girl is from LA. We vibe for a while, and LA7 and I talk for a while. I realize her friend left! Wow, 3rd isolation of the night. She wants a cigarette, so I call for APB.

He comes in and occupies her wing, and LA7 and I talk for a while, sharing stories, etc. Stupid me asks her age (she’s 25) and I realize I have to tell her mine (22). Dude… who does that? (I make this same mistake again on day 2). I noticed BT drop, but I stayed in and plowed like the hardest working farmer in the world. They exit, and I come back to the table w/ APB.

APB makes me open a 3-set. White8, White 7, and Asian5. I open w/ a spontaneous opener about my shirt. One of the girls unbuttons my shirt, and this takes me off guard (sexual anxiety), and the Asian5 is touching my chest. I don’t know what to do and I kind of freeze. I noticed the attraction drop almost immediately. I exit.

APB goes, “You should’ve put your arm around her shoulder and go “Dude, you’re my new best friend.”

That would’ve given me social proof and an opportunity to merge into other sets. Lesson learned.

I noticed that LA7 and her friend are about 2 feet away from our table.

APB goes “Number close.”
I’m like “HOW?” (We didn’t go over this in boot camp, yet.)
But I got up and talked to LA7 and said something like “You should show me around NYC sometime.”

And she gives me her business card that her cell phone # and says call that number. I guess this counts as a number close, right?

Now, it’s about 2 AM, and we decide to leave. So about 3, 4 isolations and 2 number closes. Fun night.

-Gatsby (New York City)

Signed, Asian Playboy

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