LAY REPORT: Fuck, Marry, Kill and the Cougar by Groove

"Groove: I'm Groove... (handshake)
HB7.5: I'm HBBrunette

Easy enough, right? There's something to be said for that. It's normal. It's natural.

Usual stuff like hand on the shoulder while saying "I can't hear you...what?" Bring her in a bit. Then decide to mini-isolate, APB style."

My student Groove, whom I was to do the final night of field critique with today and who had the other Hand Job Field Report, had his first post bootcamp Lay Report.

It's an easy read with some highlights that he learned in the interaction. It warms the heart knowing my boy's all grown up *sniff*.

So I'm rolling obar with my usual wings. Man this heat is killing the crowd everywhere. We stopped off at Wish on the way downtown-dead. Had a drink at fuse-dead. Chill at obar and it just starts to pick up around 1.

I'm gonna make the actual details of this a bit shorter because I feel like I learned some good points last night.

We're sitting out on the patio smoking and there's really not very many people there at all. This is

We spy a 2-set...HB7.5 and ug. Target is a little older I notice. But still has a great body.

I decide to open but don't even really get a chance as when I turn to look they're already pushing these big heavy fucking chairs over to where we're sitting. Yup, she went straight up direct on me.

3 guys, 2 girls. They're sitting across a small table from us. my two wings latch on to the ug as good wings should, and I start kino escalation. Go pretty direct..I mean, she did approach me after all.

Groove: I'm Groove...(handshake)
HB7.5: I'm HBBrunette

Easy enough, right? There's something to be said for that. It's normal. It's natural.

Usual stuff like hand on the shoulder while saying "I can't hear you...what?" Bring her in a bit. Then decide to mini-isolate, APB style. I pull that heavy fucking chair over closer to me and lean back...baiting her to invest. She complies.

K. Time for a move. Move her to another isolation point with promise of "something cool." At this point I do run Murder Marry Fuck because I wasn't quite into deep rapport yet. Right before we enter deep rapport I do a kino take-away to make sure she's hooked.

Go find the friends....But guys, with stuff like this....DON'T WAIT TOO LONG! I didn't leave her because I was nervous and didn't know what to do next. I left to perform a takeaway. I've found that this works well right before starting deep connection.

Find her again. Isolate. Kiss close. Make out. Go find her friends.

At this point it's almost last call. And I lose her for a minute. Fuck. Make a lap. Got her. But what's this?....Some cockblocking mother fucker is kinoing her. I go in big and put my arm around her and kiss her right in front of his ass. She eats it up.

Best amogging I've ever done. The guy proceeds to buy 4 shots of Patron for him, my target, ug, and me. Loser.

Time to handle my biggest sticking point now-logistics. It's me, HBBrunette, and ug leaving. Gotta ditch the ug.

Groove: "My friends are at a different bar up near where you live. Let's chill at your place till they can pick me up."
HBBrunette: "ok, but we have to take ug home first.", ya I know...I didn't do much to handle the ug. But hey, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good right? The only reason I felt like I needed to make any sort of excuses was because ug friend was there.

If it was just me and her...I probably could've gone with "Take me home I want to have sex with you."

Drop friend off. Go home. She has a BAD ASS home in frisco with all sorts of sweet furniture. She's some sort of interior designer for some firm or something. She wouldn't tell me her age, even though I told her I'm 21. There's no way she was under 30.

Full close.

Points for ponder:

1. Again, and I know it's said over and over....but ENJOY YOUR WINGS.
HBBrunette told me later that pretty much the only reason she approached me was because we looked like we were having so much fun together.

2. Don't be so caught up in thinking about routines that you forget where you are in the sarge. I felt like I was constantly aware of where I was, and what I wanted to do next; that way I'm not thinking routines. I'm thinking mini-goals to accomplish. "Ok, intro. Now"

3. Short, calculated take-aways right before deep connection can help to hook her in. She can feel it's about to get more intense. She wants it to. If you pull that away BRIEFLY, she'll want it more...and be more open to a make-out down the road.

4. If you know she's down....kiss her infront of an AMOG. There's nothing he can do about way to tool.

5. BE READY TO DEAL WITH LOGISTICS OF A BOUNCE. God I need more work on this.

-Groove (Dallas)

Signed, Asian Playboy

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