[6 Pics + Blindfold Pic] Vegas Bootcamp Hotel Night Lay

I'm a bad, bad boy.

Here are some pictures from the first night of this Vegas bootcamp which resulted in a HNL (Hotel Night Lay) for me.

That's the nice thing about having other Instructors backing you up, if one of us pulls, the other can take care of the student(s). In this case, Toy Machine did awesome demonstrations of A (Approach & Attract), merging the student in set, and B (Buying Temperature) Game from the ABCs of Attraction.

I worked C (Comfort & Connection), D (Direct Interest), and E (Extract & Escalate) Game in front of the student on a big boobie blonde and a big boobie brunette (both whose big, huge breasts were supported in black, tight corsets! I love corsets!), one of whom I pulled back to my pimp suite for some Jacuzzi Hot Tub action as well as a little kinky blindfold playtime!

And then I demonstrated F (Fun!). Lots and lots of F (Fun!).

Big Boobie Blonde and Dr. Evil Asian Playboy Big Boobie Blonde gettig a taste of The Asian Playboy

[UPDATE 3/29/07: Naughty hot tub/jacuzzi and blindfold action pics taken down for personal and anonymity reasons. Moved to the restricted, private, Alumni only forum, The Playboy Club.]

Signed, Asian Playboy

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