The Playboy Club: Members Only Forum

[UPDATE 2009: The ABCs of Attraction / Asian Playboy forums are now located here]

Starting now, there is an exclusive forum for only APB Bootcamp Alumni... the (In)Famous Playboy Club.

While there is a forum at large, the highly restricted Playboy Club membership is thoroughly vetted by yours truly and everyone is someone I have personally taught. And with a private gallery exclusive to Playboys, all posted pictures (and posts themselves) are entirely confidential.

How to gain access:
  1. Only former students (FULL THREE DAY BOOTCAMP PROGRAM ONLY) are allowed into the Playboy Club

  2. Student has previously signed off on the Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement.

  3. Create a membership to ABCs Main Forum. Referal NOT necessary.

  4. Verify site membership (if necessary) so check your e-mail

  5. Log into the ABC's Main Forum site

  6. POST your introduction in the MANDATORY "Introduction & Guidelines" section.

  7. Request access to "The Playboy Club" your location in the public portion of the APB Alumni Network.

  8. State the something that I would be sure to know you and by the date/location of the bootcamp you took with The ABCs of Attraction.

  9. Allow me time to grant access

  10. Voila! Welcome to The Playboy Club. Cocktails are now being served.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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