About Us: The APB Team

"Three years ago, a lone Asian American man experienced the hell of being dateless, womanless, and sexless in Los Angeles. This man promptly turned and changed his life around by learning the art of pick up, seduction, and the secrets to successful interracial dating. Today, still chasing women, he has networked and surrounded himself with highly talented friends and former students. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The APB Team."
  1. The Asian Playboy (CEO)
  2. Groove (Approach Coach)
  3. Toy Machine (Instructing Intern)
  4. OCWaterBoy (Guest Direct Instructor)
  5. Papi (Guest Field Instructor)
  6. Prophet (Former The Mystery Method Instructor)
  7. Danger (Guest Coach)
THE ASIAN PLAYBOY (CEO & World Traveling Layabout)

Asian Playboy with the kind of girls he likes: Skinny, Blonde, Beautiful and with Big Boobs Big Boobie Blonde gettig a taste of The Asian Playboy
Bend her over! San Francisco March 1on1 Bootcamp Let's do the splits!

Pick Up Artist, Instructor, Blogger, Writer, Playboy, Entrepreneur, Jet Setter, and one lazy mofo.

What more do you want to know? Vietnamese American, 5"6, late 20s, average looks, good fashion sense, good talker, occassional dancer, and spontaneous high energy humor.

I am a demanding, unforgiving, unrelenting Pick Up Artist Instructor and Interracial Dating Coach. You give me YOUR best and I will give you mine. I try to get my clients/ students to achieve success by leading by example and through encouragement. However, if need be, I will and I have pounded success into them. I will make you achieve excellence or you will die trying.

Those who waste my time... Oh boy... Just don't.

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GROOVE (Approach Coach, East Coast/Texas/Europe Liason)

"I'm in my early 20's and live currently in Dallas. I'm a tallish white guy with a rocker look, which is fitting to me because I actually am a musician. I go back and forth a lot on which is more important to me-music or tail, the decision often coming down to my BAC and her DD's.

My game has grown in leaps and bounds over the past year, making HUGE strides after I took APB's program in the early summer. I've since had multiple LRs, countless # and *closes, mLTRs, and a stripper threesome which I'm particularly proud of.

-Groove (Dallas)"

TOY MACHINE (Instructing Intern, West Coast/Australia/Asia Liason)

"I'm the shy introverted short geeky asian turned certified pimp. 21 yr old college student trying to make big bucks so i can buy love/sex. Found the game when my oneitis turns her back on me for some white guy.

Raised in a typical conservative asian home and was brainwashed through the years to be a giant AFC. I came to APB for some assistance and the rest as they say is history...

-Toy Machine (Vegas)"


OCWaterBoy (Direct Instructor)
From his blog, The Direct Files..

"Got into The Game in March of 2004 after taking a Mystery Method bootcamp with Mystery and Herbal. Soon after I met and started winging with The Asian Playboy, who is the best wing ever and now one of my best friends for life.

Later that year I purchased Sharks Basic Playboy cd. His views on pick up and the world were drastically different from everyone else at the time. I was intrigued and began trying out his openers in the clubs. Right away I was getting great reactions from the girls. But not knowing what to do and say next I would fall back to using indirect routines, and soon after she would say "nice meeting you" and walk away.

I saw the power and how effective being direct could be. But what to do and talk about after the opener with the girl became the new sticking point. I took some time and thought about things I could say and try that would remain congruent with a direct personality. With fine tuning, calibration and a structure I have became more successfull with woman than I ever thought possible.


Papi ("Asian Papi, Papi Chulo")
"I am lucky guy. I have won what Warren Buffet have called "ovarian lottery" that my parents have decided to moved to United States, gave me a good education and generally prepared me for good life. I have a lot to thank my parents for. But there is one crucial aspect of my life, I received no help from them. That's how to "get lucky" for myself. My mother has certainly trained me to be a good provider, a good husband. But I soon discovered that I have no idea how to go about actually getting the girl. I was quite lucky that my high school crush, a gorgeous brunnette, likes me. We dated. Yet I didn't know how to escalate sexually. Eventually, after I missed so many signals, she grew bored. I was told "let's just be friends".

Over time I discovered David DeAngelo and then numerous books and seminar on dating and seductions. I attended workshops, bootcamps, trained under dating gurus. Style, RSD, Pickup 101, Juggler, David Shade, Steve Piccus...you named it, I met all of them, pickup artists, lovers of women and sexual gurus, the whole lot. I started going out to bar and clubs religiously to practice. I would flirt with all the waitress, baristas, honing my pick up skills on girls at the bus stop, girls in the airline security check in line, girls suntanning in the park....

Then one day, about two years into my journey thru seduction, it finally hit me. I don't need to go to any more workshops. Girls like me or rather they want me. I am still the same person but I have become a much more interesting human being. Most important of all, I've liberated the man that was inside me from choking constraints of false social conditioning. I have gave myself permission to the man that nature intended.

When we are little boys, we all (okay, most of us ) wanted to grow up and become a Man, like somehow manly qualities are aquired from outside, from school. training, even military. Ancients have trials of initiation that a boy must survive in order to be recognized as a Man. I feel that the Man is already inside us, it just takes us time and efforts to recognize that we are indeed men and give ourselves permission to be the men that we are meant to be.

After going thru this journey myself, I know I want to help others to realize their true potential as men, desired by women far and wide for their natural qualities as lovers and protectors. We may not achieve world peace by teaching men pick up but we will surely spread more loving, and folks that's what it's all about.

- Papi"

Prophet (former The Mystery Method instructor)
With Prophet, former indirect instructor for TMM, I developed the raw form of the ABCs of Attraction. We were written up in D Magazine and held many awesome Dallas events that are still talked about today. Moved to the East Coast to further his education.

Danger (Guest Coach)
One of my first Dallas wingmen, Danger has through dilligence and hard work, transformed from a young man into a young man that once beat me out of a lay! He has taken a program with Juggler and myself and sometimes helps with Dallas events. He is an entrepreneur with a bright future ahead of him.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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