Interview with a Playboy

[Part 1 of the three part interview with BG]

Fellow PUA (Pick UP Artist) and blogger BG, from The Life of BG, recently "sat" down with me and conducted an interview for the Netherlands Lair.

I was honored to be the guest interview in the grand opening and launch of their first newsletter.

Amongst other things, we talked about Project Hollywood, NaturalJ & Britney Spears, seduction, being a dating coach, pick up artist, having multiple hook up buddies, FOBs (Fresh Off the Boat), my background & history, my dating methodology & style, my philosophy, what it means being a pick up artist and racism.

Thanks BG! It's quite long so I'm breaking it up into a series of posts to take us into the weekend, but here's your chance to get to know the inner workings of the Asian Playboy.

Interview: The Asian Playboy

Let's start with the basic question... How did you ever get into the game?

I moved to Los Angeles. Had a LTR in college. Most of my hook-ups were through social circles. So when I moved to LA, one of the most hardcore PU places, I realized that I was pretty unprepared for the brutal dating scene. Then I read the article Neil Strauss did on Mystery and became interested. That was, um, almost 4 years ago? I actually lived in LA for around 4 to 5 years. Before I took the plunge and signed up for a Mystery class.

I suppose that was way back, when Mystery was just starting to teach?

Yeah. When bootcamps were still $600. I met Style and that was where I met RyanStone, he was taking the first class with me.

And he became your main wingman in LA for the time that followed?

Yeah. Him, OCwaterboy, and Geoff. I met OC through Protocol, who was interning at the time with RSD. So there were usually 2 to 5 of us, though Protocol was usually busy interning. Geoff was a wing then he got hired by RSD and got really busy.

Are there any other 'big names' that you've sarged with?

NaturalJ, he dated Britney Spears for a short time. He wasn't a PUA, but he knew about the community. They invited him to stay at Project Hollywood, because he was a male model who probably fucked more girls than anyone in the house. They wanted to see how his Game was and so forth. And I went surfing with Style. Etc.

The game you discuss on your blog seems to have a big influence from the game that Mystery teaches. Do you have any other influences?

BadBoy/Shark. RSD I guess, though theirs also came from Mystery. Met BadBoy in Croatia. Didn't meet Shark, but OC did. All cool guys.

Did you ever follow workshops from other so-called "guru's"? With that I mean PU teachers like Stephane, David D, Badboy, The_one, Juggler, PlayboyLA, etc.

Read David D's first ebook. Met The One and PlayboyLA. Didn't learn from them, per se, but if they posted on masf, I usually read it.

Okay, lets move from the names to some content. Do you have a main philosophy behind your game?

Obviously I have an Asian perspective on things and know how difficult it can be and how difficult some Asian guys make it extra harder on themselves. My own style is a reflection of Mystery's indirect with BadBoy/Shark direct.

I typically open with a situational opener that I came up with on the spot, usually good energy and humour, followed with very direct body language and going direct when I see the time is right and my attraction radar is pinging away.

Is the game you practice the same as the game you teach?

It's definitely similar. It also depends on the guy. As I put forth in my Syllabus, which I was just talking to Formhandle about, it's tailored and depends on the student's level.

If a guy can't hold a genuine conversation then we go with baby steps. Maybe a pre-canned story from his life; I don't encourage using other people's canned stuff. More advanced guys, of course, can be more genuine and situational.

But there is a basic format that I teach that I call the ABCs of Attraction.

A – Approach
B - Buying Temperature
C – Comfort
D - Direct Interest
E - Escalate & Extract
F - Fuck/Fun!

That's a clear format. Can you tell me more about your syllabus?

Formhandle was telling me, there isn't really anything like it. Juggler has something similar, but not to that great detail. I thought it was a good way to put transparency and accountability into the industry. We don't have any regulating body like the movie industry does or like the video game industry.

So you have a lot of variance in what's taught and what's expected. I'm not going to name names, but I spoke with a client who was coming off a different bootcamp as well as a lairmate, and apparently one guru doesn't even sarge at night... he just sends in his student instructors. After the lecture, that guru went back to the hotel.

Just to have clarity about it, your workshops are not specifically aimed at Asians but for all people and as your syllabus indicates, you have a special inner game part of the workshop for minorities. Do you think your workshops offer more value for (Asian) minorities than other workshops out there?

In a word, yeah. I think a lot of Asian men have difficulty with it. Not all men, obviously, but there is a significant proportion. Some of it is due to simply Inner Game, dealing with prejudice and racism growing up.

Some of it is external, like getting physically assaulted by racists. I empathise with that and my clients know this. So I've been told that the reason they come to me is because I offer more understanding and camaraderie than the other camps. It's hard for some minorities to emulate, let's say, a six foot tall, good looking white man.

True. And there might be (as Shark and Badboy put it) society-programmed excuses in their head that tells them that they cannot be like a six foot tall, white guy.. ?

That too. Though in fairness, how does a 6" tall, good looking white guy understand and socially deprogram someone who's dealt with racism his entire life, when he himself benefits from that system and never once had to deal with either racist AMOGs/HBs?

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