The Zen of Hanging With Naturals

Like Wall Street, there’s nothing new in the seduction and dating community. Whatever terms we come up with, whatever tactics, techniques, stories, trance words, and a plethora of other devices that are devised, some natural was already doing it.

Mystery and his magic tricks? David Blaine was already doing that picking up chicks in Hollywood and elsewhere.

Peacocking? Heck, go out in any major city and you’re going to find some dude just as peacocked as the next New Rock Boot wearing PUA.

DHVs and stories? Hell, there’s a loud mouthed story teller at every bar.

They’re all devices and methods that Naturals have been using for YEARS. Men and women have been flirting, dating and fornicating for thousands of years. So now we have more of a science to it… which is both a good and a bad thing. It lets us become aware of social interactions at the fundamental level, much like Neo in the Matrix, but it also robs us of some of the spontaneity, surprise and joy of just enjoying the moment.


(NaturalJ, the guy who went out with Britney Spears, pissing on some Christmas Trees)

You know, I’m not the best Pick Up Artist, far from it. I’d label myself as “good” but nowhere near as good as, let’s say, Style. I try and ENJOY social interactions. Yes I’m aware of what’s going on and yes I am in hunter mode, but I still try to have FUN. And sometimes because I’m having so much fun, I lose the girl. Other times, I’ve won the girl when operating on total “fun” autopilot. Ce’est la vie.

And while it’s fun hanging out with PUA wings (everyone’s concentrated on either getting better or bagging the chick), some of the best fun is with Naturals. Not only can you learn a lot from them, but their own interactions tend to be spontaneous, genuine, and usually have some of their shit together (to some degree).

Of course, you have the flipside. They’re not always out hunting for tail and when they are, they don’t always follow the same rules as you. With Naturals, unless explicitly stated, we usually bump heads gaming the same girl, then it becomes annoying.

But for the Naturals I hang with, they’re usually fun guys that are decently successful with women. I can learn from them, compete with them, and have fun with them all at the same time. They may never be as successful as, say, Tyler Durden, but I can hang with these guys and simply BE.

Not the PUA, not the player, not Asian Playboy, not JT47319, but just me. No analyzing, no anticipating steps ahead, none of that (well, some of it anyways, picking up chicks is too deeply ingrained in me to ever REALLY stop), just enjoying hanging out at night and occasionally bagging the chicks.

Not everything should be about fucking girls, though it obviously depends on where you are in life. Sure I’d love to get better and better every day, but I want to ENJOY what I have. There isn’t that deep gnawing fear in me that says I have to be sarging every day. There’s more of a thrill seeking and maybe even an addiction from that rush that comes from interacting, flirting, and playing around.

I’m not a fucking robot and neither do I want my friends to be. Maybe it has to do with way I am in life (and with women in general). Sure more women would be fine, but I don’t care and I don’t obsess about it.

Let me channel a fortune cookie and end it by saying, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.”