The Asian Sex Revolution!

Fellow Asian playboy and pick up artist, Spirit Finger, will be writing a book on sexual techniques and about being better in bed. It's not specifically about being a PUA, just about being a better lover.

Like pick up, dating, flirting, and seducing, sex is a learnable skill. I had a long term relationship back in college with a pretty, blonde coed that lasted for 5 years. The nice thing about actually having a real, stable relationship is that you develop a sense of confidence in yourself as a man... and you get to fulfill almost every single sexual fantasy that two deviated, horny minds can conjure...

You name it, we probably did it. The only thing we didn't end up having were threesomes (damn!).

And I think that's probably one of the reasons why it didn't take me too long to be good with women. The average time it takes for a guy starting off at ground zero to being AVERAGE (not good, but average), is around 2 years. I came into the Game already having had girlfriends, had plenty of crazy sex, a good conversationalist and social butterfly.

It was simply applying my natural social aspect to having a goal as opposed to aimlessly spinning my wheels talking to people. And I lucked out too, being part of the Magna Cum Laude of 2004 Graduating Pick Up Artists. We RULED Los Angeles as GDI (God Damn Independent) PUAs until bigger and better things came along for all of us.

The Four Kings: RyanStone (now dating an actress from Entourage), Geoff (head instructor for the Real Social Dynamics LA branch), OCWaterBoy (the Direct King of Orange County and direct method instructor), and myself- Asian Playboy- the pick up artist formerly known as JT47319.


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