Interview with a Playboy, Part 3

"One common element amongst most naturals, including NaturalJ, was the ease of their sexuality. It wasn't something that they had to "turn on" or learn."
- Asian Playboy
We conclude this interview series by starting off talking about Asian FOBs, Fresh Off the Boat... Again, thanks to BG for making this happen and the Netherlands Lifestyle Lair

Fresh Off the Boat. Asian guys direct from China, Korea, etc. who don't understand how the American dating scene works.

That must be really interesting to work with.

Yeah, had a couple of those. Tough, but interestingly, those are the guys who REALLY push themselves to succeed. They aren't AFRAID of pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. Because they're ALREADY outside of their comfort zone moving to America. So they're willing to learn.

It's those Asian American guys who "know" that they can't succeed because they were born here, experienced prejudice, see all the things around, and basically trapped in the societal Matrix and limited beliefs. Those are tougher, even if they were born in America, because they "know" that they can't succeed with women.

FOBs don't. They come to America for the "American dream"... even if sane minds tell them it's a quixotic quest, they still come over to succeed and have a better life. They didn't come over here to fail.

Cool. That's beautiful. Hey, I'm going to ask some final questions to round this off. Do you have a favourite routine?

Cube. Dance. Flex for me. Probably my most common.

Do you have a particular twist to the cube? Or do you just use the cube and then go with it depending on the situation?

I just go with it. Been using Strawberry Fields more too. Whatever they say, is still the same answer. Very sexual. Learned that from Captain Jack, a PUA wing of mine out here.

Magnus from told me he uses it on groups to determine who's the best target for him. Do you or CaptainJack use it in that way?

Not really. I use it in isolation to switch from the C in Comfort to the D in Direct Interest. It's creating a sexual frame so it becomes easier to go direct because now she's thinking of sex and kissing you, etc.

And would you describe your own game as a mix between Mystery Method and Direct Game (like Badboy's); or would you prefer to describe it differently?

Natural Indirect followed with Direct, with influences from MM and BB/Shark. I don't run canned routines like MM does. And I don't use the super direct "You're beautiful" line like Shark (unless she's a lone wolf).

Hmm, I've read some CaptainJack field reports.. As far as I read, he's got a pretty sexual approach to his game (ala Gunwitch maybe?).. Would you say this is true?

Jack is a Mystery student as well. Though he's been experimenting with more Natural game ever since I moved to Dallas.

So what's in the future of Asian Playboy?

I'm thinking of putting out seduction e-courses w/ missions as part of my new newsletter. Still contemplating it. I have bootcamps coming up for Canada, California, with reservations in New York, Houston, Dallas, and elsewhere. I'm being profiled in D Magazine, which has something like 700K in circulation, this summer.

D Magazine is a local Dallas mag?

Yeah. When it comes out, I'll scan it and put in on my blog, but it won't be for another month or two. If anyone who wants a personalised bootcamp, they can go to my website, fill out an online form, and we can do a free phone consultation. No plans to go outside of the continental America. Though I've got one guy in Australia who wants to see if he can round up some dudes and fly me out there. That would be cool, I've always wanted to go to Australia.

So PU is making your dreams come true on more levels than you originally thought it would?

LOL. It's a side business. I'm not doing this full time like the other bigwig gurus. Heck, I'm not even making a lot of money, especially when I chip in for my own flight for 2on1s. I enjoy the experience of helping out my bros, travelling, and the occasional hook-up. But yeah, PU has definitely enriched my life with good friends, women, and an investment in a skillset that will never go away.

Good. Two final questions to round it off. Is there a Miss APB?

LOL, no, I've done a 5 year LTR before. I'm not in relationship territory. I prefer to keep it strictly fuck buddy / hook up only. Rotating between 2 to 4, varies with the week and by day. I don't work on it enough and sometimes won't call for weeks on end and then I'll get like a booty call.

Finally, a word of advice to all the guys who have the desire to become a ladies man?

Well, like I posted once, you can do this, learn PU without ever paying for a single product:

Bootcamps, DVDs, ebooks, mean NOTHING without field experience. And if you want to succeed with women you have to be PROACTIVE, take charge, and take action. But above all, HAVE FUN.

And anything specifically regarding Asians?

I always use the analogy that it's like gravity. For white guys, it's 9.81 m/s^2. For minorities like Asians, it's 9.9 m/s^2. It's a small difference, but it is there no matter what anyone says. But whereas some guys treat it like a 50 pound weight, in actually it's probably more like 5 to 10 pounds. It's not as big as some AMs like to make out of it. Some of it is real, but a lot is just in their head.

Game is the only equalizer. Whether the AMOG is rich, has power, is good looking, tall, and/or white, Game lets you step up and compete successfully with everyone else. So don't let negative thinking and societal programming limit you, what you believe you can do, and what you actually do. You never know until you push yourself beyond the boundaries.

Thank you Asian Playboy for being the first interviewee of the monthly Lifestyle Lair newsletters!

Signed, Asian Playboy

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