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[UPDATE 9/6/07: After two years, APB is FINALLY producing products! Check it out, on the horizon is The ABCs of Attraction Playbook (an at home study & workbook) with tele-ecoaching. Tentative focus group suggest a price of $75 for the playbook and $325 for tele-ecoaching.

ABCs of Attraction Playbook Focus Group Suggested Retail Value: $75 ABCs of Attraction Playbook Suggested Tele-Ecoaching Value: $325

Other items on the docket:
  1. Workbook: Beginner's Hell Journal - Your 2 Year Journey
  2. DVD: Intro to The ABCs of Attraction
  3. CD: Intro to The ABCs of Attraction
  4. DVD: Intro to the APB Team (Success Stories)
  5. DVD: Successful Interracial Dating (APB & Jewelz)
  6. DVD: Body Language Positioning, Kino Escalation, Non-Verbal
  7. CD: Exercises, Tonality, Improv, Story Telling, Etc.
  8. CD: Trials & Tribulations of Real Asian Men (Alumni)
  9. Ebook (Other)

So in my ongoing quest to provide quality service and dating advice for men, I've been thinking of setting up a series of seduction and pick up e-courses that would hopefully help educate you on the finer points of the ABCs of Attraction.

In addition, I'd provide you with a series missions (similar in idea to Shark's direct method CDs) that would help push you out of your comfort zone as well as provide you with new ideas and strategies that you can try out in the field in order to become better at dating and seducing women.

You could post comments or e-mail me your results and we'd see about giving you some insight and constructive comments on your approach, conversational, and seduction abilities.

I will probably have a separate, restricted access sub-forum only available to subscribers and active members in order to have a level of privacy from prying eyes where you can share your successes, failures, and lessons learned.

If this idea has appeal to you, please let me know by dropping a comment or by e-mailing me.

I would probably have to switch over from my current subscription service though in order to provide what I'm currently envisioning as seven (7) seduction, dating, and pick up e-courses each with corresponding missions that would go out about once every week.

So, again, please let me know if this idea has merit and would help you guys out.


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