[POLL] After TWO YEARS, The Asian Playboy SELLS Out!!!

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"ABCs of Attraction Playbook"
ABCs of Attraction Playbook Focus Group Suggested Retail Value
Focus Group Suggested Median Price - $77

You know, I just realized that I've been teaching successful Dating & Pick Up tactics for Asian Men going on TWO YEARS. My first commercial student was little PUA, the determined Chinese Canadian highschool who got beat up by Neo-Nazis. I still remember when his MOM- of all things- called me up.

Sheesh, talk about pressure, but I promised her I'd be the Big Brother he never had. That was in September 09, 2005 and you can still read his testimonial.

Wow, time flies. And this upcoming September 27th, I'm turning THE BIG THREE ZERO! Holy shit.

And of course, in ALL this time, I've NEVER put out a SINGLE product. No ebook. No CD course. NADA.

All I've done is taught over 100+ programs around the world. There's been some good times, some bad times, some weird ones, and some ugly ones. Hell, quite frankly, I'm not even that great a business man (more like an average) one and I've lost money on a few bootcamps just because the students and I were having TOO MUCH FUN.

Oh well.

But in the upcoming months, I'm NEARING completion of my first product. A PRINT ONLY, AT HOME workbook called the ABCs of Attraction Playbook.

Tele-Ecoaching Package
ABCs of Attraction Playbook Suggested Tele-Ecoaching Value
Focus Group Suggested Median Price - $324

It has only some theory, but it's designed- I hope- around purely PRACTICAL exercises, assignments, homework, and the like. It's like 200+ pages and I've realized that some of the stuff I was putting in there (like post-bootcamp missions & lifestyle improvements) didn't really fit as the Playbook is more of a bootcamp compendium.

So I'm going to have to break that down into a separate workbook I'm thinking of calling "Beginner's Hell Journey - Your Two Year Journey" (FYI, the downloadables I put up at the stroke of midnight was my Summit presentation on Beginner's Hell and videos about approaching).

And, as we'll all be in Vegas- for my 30th Vegas, Infamous & Legendary, Birthday Bootcamp Bash- I plan on recording several hours (at least) worth of material.

So here's your chance! What do you want to see? Vote in the right most column with regards to workbooks, audio cds, video dvds, etc.

Oh, and I did some informal Focus Group Workshops just to see what people thought the Playbook & Tele-Ecoaching should be priced.

Take a look as I haven't finalized what the price point should be. Feel free to comment!

Oh, and thank you Alumnus Gatsby with the charts!

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