[TESTIMONIAL] Alumni Program Review by Gatsby, NYC (2007)

"No matter how much he tries to hide it, he ends up being a friend / brother, someone who's got your back no matter what during the camp, and who wants you to do well, not only in the game, but in life. Tip: He usually lets his guard down around after 3 AM - then you can start picking his brain and asking him about his personal life. That's when he morphs from APB to a friend."

-Testimonial by Gatsby, NYC (2006)
It's been a while since I put up any kind of reviews and testimonials about my bootcamps. Quite frankly, I have LITERALLY a backlog of over TWENTY such positive reviews about my program, but after a while, it seems pretty repetitive all the glowing reviews and even when they include some constructive comments. In the future, I'm going to be putting all such past, present, and future reviews in the "ABCs of Attraction Review Forum."

But I wanted give you this review by NYC Alumnus Gatsby who took it as part of our pilot "Alumni Discounted Program." Basically the Alumni Program is the heaviest discounted price that's EXCLUSIVE to only APB Alumni at ONLY $900 (tuition subject to change in the near future, but Alumni always get the best discounts!) for a full 3 days and 3 nights of an "ABCs of Attraction" Bootcamp. The only other review I have of my Alumni program was with Obe which you can read here.

Anyways, with all the new material I've been adding including the lecture and workbook, I think there could be a great deal value added by following up with another bootcamp.

And it doesn't have to be mine (but it'd be nice) as there are many fine programs that can supplement and even enhance other aspects of one's Game. Areas that I didn't cover like Day Game or Stripper Game or even pure Sex Game.

But be as it may, I generally think it's a good idea to wait about 6 months to a year before you do so. You actually want to ABSORB it, let it SINK in and USE the "ABCs of Attraction!"

Wave F - Fun? or Fake? is about your long term growth and not turning you into a seminar junkie.

Well, onto the Alumni Bootcamp review!

By Gatsby...

"So I took another boot camp under "The ABCs of Attraction" Alumni program which is heavily discounted (ie all Alumni get the highest and deepest discounts for any and all "ABCs of Attraction" programs and/or products) and is currently ONLY $900 (until he's finished his workbooks whereupon he'll raise ALL tuition rates!).

Location: NYC
Present: APB, Toy Machine, Johnnie Wolf, and 5 clients.
When: July 20-22, 2007

A lot had changed.

First, there are three instructors.

You can’t beat the ratio of 3 quality instructors to 5 clients. ANYWHERE. I guarantee it.

When I took the boot camp, all I had were APB’s words and my furiously taking notes. APB has taken the time over the past year to develop a 150+ page workbook.
  1. It is well-organized and written.
  2. It definitely helps you follow the lecture, take notes, and develop your openers, routines, stories.
  3. It also serves as a motivator where you can look back and recall that you took a bootcamp.
  4. Some new lecture materials have been added as well.
  5. New activities have been added.
  6. BOTTOMLINE: All very value-added things.
The field part of the bootcamp was great. With two other instructors, APB is busier figuring out logistics, how to best position the students so they can interact and hook up with as many girls as possible.

You also get to see three different styles of pick-up, though united by APB’s ABC of Attraction structure.

Results of clients: 1 lay, 1 hj, 6, 7 make-outs, and countless numbers.

Everything’s much more interactive. It’s not just APB and students. It’s a dialogue amongst all of us, and because the group’s bigger, there are more instructors and clients, more friends and fellow PUAs to go out with.

I’d highly encourage any new clients and alumni to take the boot camp.

Everything’s much more professional, organized, and structured. It’s easy to see that APB is taking his business to the next level and he’s been focusing very hard on the curriculum.

So let me tell you what happened to me....

2007 – Bootcamp: I had a makeout Day2 on the 3rd Night of Bootcamp which meant I missed part of that portion. But no infield k-closes, make-outs, mini-dates. NOTHING.

Week following Bootcamp: 2 dates, 2 Make-outs with a MixedLatina7.5 and HotPolishBlonde8.


I think not."

-Gatsby (New York City)

Signed, Asian Playboy

P.S. If you're interested in taking an Alumni Follow Up Program or simply inquiring about availability in future bootcamps, contact us here as well as to reserve your seat with a deposit before we're solid out!

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