[SF Bootcamp March 23, 10 Pics] I Am a Seriously Hard Ass Mofo

Seriously. I expect a student to push himself not only to the limit of his endurance, but BEYOND. Because that's the way I learned.

Bend her over! San Francisco March 1on1 Bootcamp

Granted, it's not the way EVERYONE should learn, but that's how I went from ZERO to HERO.

I went out from 4 to 7 nights EVERY week for a good 9 months to a YEAR in order to achieve some level of competence with women. It was an INCREDIBLY PAINFUL PROCESS full of mistakes, pitfalls, missteps, but also with successes dotted here and there.

What I teach is FIELD TESTED through my own learning experiences. Others may have nicely packaged lesson plans, I give you material earned through SWEAT, BLOOD, and TEARS.

Here are some pics of the San Fran student. He actually is doing quite well, but as is typical on the 2nd night (see Gatsby's and Oberion's Field Reports), the 2nd nights are always the toughest.

Random, surreal happenstance last night was I ran into Jeremy Jackson (aka Hobie from Bay Watch, aka David Hassellhof's son) who promotes down in Orange Country like Shark's Club that OCWaterBoy and I used to frequent. Dropped a few names, got in for free, gamed some girls, blew out some pseudo-Irish boys, etc.

It was tough for the student having to compete in an environment that, unlike last night, he had no advantage. But that's life.

I will not give up on a student unless he gives up on himself. And even them I will try and drag his ass back to the starting line. Sometimes I can help him, sometimes I can't. And sometimes I'm just a right down hard ass bastard.

I don't know if I'm doing the "right" thing as an instructor, I just follow my gut which I trust but probably isn't the best business decision to make money wise. I do know that I put a lot of emotion into every student that I do an Exclusive Mentorship 1on1. Alas, the student headed home early when I could have used his help occupying a hardcore lesbian.

I gamed her girlfriend, a lipstick lesbian, who LITERALLY told me, "You're cool. I don't know you, but I think we should sleep together tonight."

Alas, it didn't work out because I was getting MAJOR cockblocked left and right by her lesbian LTR. FUCK. Four (I think????) makeouts, two attempts at restroom hanky panky with different chicks (brunette and stripper blonde?), but I just couldn't fucking separate the the hardcore lesbian (in red) and her lipstick girlfriend (tall brunette).

Well. Some pictures of both the student and I for your viewing pleasure.

Student showing off his kick ass hip hop and swing moves Student in set with black and brunette girl Getting his dance on!
Student had good approach and dance skills.

The lipstick lesbian.
Lipstick lesbian's business card pic. Wanted to get down, but her serious lesbian LTR was major CBing. Ah well.

Bend her over! San Francisco March 1on1 Bootcamp I LIKE BOOBIES!!!! Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) pseudo-celebrity from Bay Watch

I'm not sure who she is, but I'm sure I made out with her while dancing. I'm reasonably certain I made out with both of them. Not 100%, but I think I did. Stripper blonde couldn't dance worth shit thought. Close up of one of the girls I'm sorta, kinda, maybe sure I stuck my tongue in her throat.
Got home at 11AM. Vague memories. From the primary club to two afterhour clubs, I'm not entirely too sure. Did hang out with Jeremy Jackson and some strippers at one place for a while. I think last night's tally was 4 makeouts and 2 bathroom attempted pulls and hanky panky. But to be honest, I'm not sure except for the pics I took and the phone numbers that randomly showed up in my phone.

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