[14 Pics] Asian Men Gone Wild, Day 3! or Asian Playboy's First Uncensored Pictures!

On the last night of our Vegas bootcamp, also referred to as "Graduation Night", we went to Tryst, an incredibly BEAUTIFUL nightclub. It had a four story waterfall, go-go dancers, and a quality talent. It also had some of the bitchiest women, but some of the students had significant breakthroughs.

Fun times, my brothers, fun times.

Oh, and before we get to the pictures, I'm going to be putting up some routine, housekeeping type posts to organize this blog, but this REALLY is your last chance to lock in the old prices. Because of internet issues (namely, none), I couldn't post live as the program happened, so I've held off until all the amazing bootcamp pics were posted.

Do so now, or forever hold your peace, as I next put up the new tution and scheduled locations (around the world) after some miscellaneous posts to clean things up. Fastest way to have your questions answered would be through the new APB Team Members like Toy Machine, who's has been handling all West Coast contacts, and Groove, who's been responding to all Texas and East Coast inquiries.

[Note: I usually go over Direct (one hour overview with structured stack and openers), but more as an advanced thing when students can HAVE meaningful C (Comfort & Connection) level conversations and need to get over Sexual Anxiety, that's just my opinion and other Direct programs can talk about it more indepth and better than I.

So with OCWaterBoy helping out, we went over it a lot more in detail and had a lot of the students use it. Sure, some bombed, but for the most part, it went really well. Including several kiss closes.]

Anyways, I know a lot of people are curious as to how I look like as well as dress, so for the first time ever!

Uncensored pictures of the Pick Up Artist... The Man... The Myth... The Legend... Yours truly... The Asian Playboy! Click continue to see it all!

My First Approach on the Third Night - Huge Breasted, Hot Blonde Hired Gun HB10:
Without doing a single warm up set, I demonstrated a Direct Approach on this hot blonde hired gun. Definitely one of the hottest girls I opened that night and generally the type of girls I like anyway.

My Direct Opener is a variation of one of Shark's golden lines, "I don't mean to embarass you... but I just had to introduce myself... and say that I think you... Are... Stunningly... Beautiful ."

It went pretty well, she lit up like a Christmas tree, she was very warm and receptive, the conversation went well, but it eventually ended shortly later when she said she had a boyfriend (obviously a reality and truism with all beautiful women everywhere). Small attempts at boyfriend destroying, but I didn't push hard as I had a live field session to teach.

Kiss Closes:
"I'm... too sexy for my shirt... too sexy... it hurts!" I think Papi and I both kiss closed the blonde in the right picture too. And no, I'm not drunk in the second picture, I'm just being dance gangbanged by both girls.

Fashionably Edgey with Toy Machine and Groove:
Whether it's a (aff link) kick ass leather jacket or full on tuxedo action, I'm always the coolest Asian mofo in the club.

Girl Goes for a Makeout-Close with an APB Student:
Once you go Asian... you can't go Caucasian!

APB Students Showing Love to Women of all Colors!
White, black, Asian, hispanic, hey... they all need good loving!

Groove Doing What He Does Best...
Being groovey! I think he kiss-closed the curly haired brunette in the right picture too.

Fear is the Mind Killer:
"20 feet away, hot blond, lone wolf, seated set, use a Direct Opener! Go! Go! Go!" Student stayed in isolatation with the MILF (left picture) for almost an entire hour after going in with a direct opener that we taught him in class.

For the two set where he mini-isolated the brunette, I believe he went in with my field tested, not going to be found online anywhere, "Ken and Barbie Opener."

P.S. The student just e-mailed me saying he reapproached (I teach Reboot and Reapproach Lines) that blonde he was in isolation using Direct Game in the left picture and kiss closed her. Props to you bro!

Signed, Asian Playboy

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