[9 Pics] Asian Men Gone Wild, Day 1! Or Toy Machine Floor Humps an Amazon!

This is how the APB Teams rolls Vegas style!

The Classroom (4+ hours of lecture and exercises):
OCWaterBoy brings a girl for show and tell

Toy Machine (Night One at Pure):
Makes out and then floor humps a 6 foot tall Amazon brunette!

Papi (Night One at Pure):
Asian Papi / Papi Chulo shows us why he's the King of Salsa!

An APB Student Games the Blondes:
Still Night One at Pure, here we have one of my students gaming several blondes... alpha body language style!

The Pimp Pad:
And where does one take such lucky girls? Why back to the pimpest hotel pad complete with living room hot tub and ceiling mirrors!

Signed, Asian Playboy

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