[ANNOUNCEMENT] My First Audio Podcast with Dating4Men.com

Here's another first for me, my first podcast!

Yes, that's right, now you can hear me actually speak! Let me know what you think as it was my first ever audio/podcast interview. I'm not afraid to admit being a little nervous, I usually am when doing something new like when I spoke for the first time at Cliff's List Convention.

I think I did all right although I didn't really hit my stride until the middle. Let me know what you think as I'm always looking to improve and better myself. It was really comfortable and fun with The Dean from Dating4Men.com as the interviewer. Quite the jovial, laid back, loquacious fellow with a natural radio show voice.

So thank you all at Dating4Men.com and thank you Brother Kermit for putting us together.

You can download the first Asian Playboy Podcast MP3 here or go direct to Dean's podshow where you can listen to all of Dean's other awesome podcasts.

Also check out Dean at Dating4Men.com and Brother Kermit's own site 'Frank Talks' as well as his new Toronto Lair.

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