They Called Themselves the Greatest Pick Up Artists... I Called Myself the Laziest

So there I was, attending Cliff's List in Montreal. The 2006 Annual Convention gathering some of the best of the best seduction experts, pick up artists, and dating coaches.

And then there was me.

To say I was a bit nervous was something of an understatement. I've done some public speaking, but in an entirely different sort of environment.

Of course, what was interesting about this year was the move to a more well rounded, almost holistic approach to attracting and seducing women. Good in that this is a reaction against the tide of social robotism (as identified by Neil Strauss in his book "The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick Up Artists"), but at the same time it didn't have a lot of the hardcore tactics, techniques, and Outer Game that one might expect.

"Be genuine."

"Be yourself."

"Be honest."

Those were the keywords and were to be repeated for three days straight. Not a bad approach and one I whole heartedly agree, but it was almost three days of all Inner Game and confidence building.

So what did I talk about?

I actually had something prepared, but the night before (Friday) I stayed home, thought about it, and totally did a different sort of song and dance. I think I did well, but I guess it'll be up to you guys to decide when you purchase Cliff's 2006 Convention DVDs.

Hopefully, I'll be able to put up video and soundbytes for your perusal and gratitifcation when Cliff gets it done.

Anyways, my opening started with me saying how two and a half years ago, I would not have imagined myself sharing the stage with all these other top notch PUAs and seductionists like Jlaix, Steve Piccus, Zan, Toecutter, The One, Sensei, BadBoy, and a host of other guys as well as the (in)famous blogger Dolly herself.

And then I said, "Here we have a gathering of the world's Greatest Pick Up Artists... and I'm here to tell you I'm the world's LAZIEST pick up artist. When I pick up for myself (as in not doing bootcamps and teaching), I try and do the LEAST amount of work for the MAXIMUM amount of tail."

So now I give you my speech, some of the most frequently asked questions that I received as well as just some of the more interesting ones. The full answers will be released (as well as interview) on Cliff's List 2006 Convention DVD...

  1. What's my style? Am I indirect? Direct? Natural? Canned? What? All of the above.
  2. [Asian] Is pick up different for an Asian Pick Up Artist versus Non-Asians? It's a little different.
  3. How do you handle or AMOG tall AMOGs (Alpha Male Other Guys)? This one was a crowd pleaser.
  4. [Asian] Is Europe better for Asian men? Depends.
  5. What kind of style, fashion or peacocking do I do? and why? Fashionably edgey.
  6. How do you take rejection? Move on.
  7. [Asian] How do you take racist rejection? Move on.
  8. Do you do text messaging? and how? Always.
  9. How do you get a phone number? Exchange.
  10. When do you call? When I want.
  11. My wingman keeps on messing me up. What do I do? Go solo.
  12. How do I befriend the bouncer and/or promoter? Three easy ways and one great way.
  13. [Asian] How do you handle racist AMOGs that say something like, "You have a small penis don't you?" Some anti-cockblock one liners.
  14. [White Girl] How do I talk to or attract Asian men? Show up.
  15. [Asian] Are white women attracted and interested in Asian men? Once you go Asian you can't go Caucasian!
  16. How do you incorporate Dance Game? I also showed my "Dance Game to Handjob on the Dance Floor" move. Another crowd pleaser.
  17. [Asian] I'm tired of people asking me where I'm from... how do I handle it? Gave my two ways to handle it (one pre-emptive and one afterwards).
  18. What am I supposed to say when people ask me, "What do you do?" Be honest but intriguing.
  19. Do you buy girls drinks? No and yes.
  20. How and what do I use to open and approach? Anything and everything.
  21. How do you handle loud venues and project? This one's gold, I only project the opening and don't have to project the rest of time.
  22. How do you handle MLTRs? I don't.
  23. How do you become a sucessful PUA and how long does it take? Think of it like Pick Up College.
  24. How do you project sexuality? Gave my sexuality acronym for easy remembrance.
  25. What do you do for Day 2s (ie dates)? Fun stuff.
  26. How do I kiss a girl? Shared three tactics and my personal favorite.
  27. When do you kino? Instantly.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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