Testimonial by Professional Pick Up Instructor, Geoff

I'm off to Montreal today, but before I do that, old friend and wingman Geoff sent me in a testimonial, bless his "I do what I want!" heart.

I don't know all the RSD instructors, but I can honestly vouch for coaches like Geoff, Protocol, and Loverboy. All those guys are top-notch Pick Up Artists as well as Instructors... they know how to pick up, teach, and kick back. Not to mention it was always damn fun hanging out and winging with Geoff, Protocol, OCWaterBoy, RyanStone, and NaturalJ.

'Asian Playboy was my first wingman when I hit the mean streets of LA. I spoke with him on the phone, and as soon as I heard him speak, I knew this guy was the real deal.

Smooth, charismatic, and gutsy -- he dignified what it meant to be a playboy. I think that anyone who is looking to see what game should look like take a program with Asian Playboy.

There's no weird creepy vibes from him, but rather a very cool personality that effectively blends the technicals of the game along with an extremely strong and centered innergame.'

- Geoff (Professional Pick Up Instructor)

Signed, Asian Playboy

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