Ashley Simpson

Random pic only w/ blonde Ashley, not representative of her girlfriends that night.

UPDATE [May 18, 2006]: Ashley Simpson's current boyfriend is Asian. To think, she could have been my suga mama if I was a little more experienced and had more PUA knowledge back then. Damn it! :-)

Before I jet, I wanted to share with you a blast from the past, back over a year and a half ago when I was just two months into the Game and still living in Los Angeles. Alas, no happy ending, this is only for shits and giggles as it was the first celebrity I ever Gamed.

In retrospect, the three girls (Ashley Simpson and her "entourage") were bored with the party and were reacting VERY well to me who was giving off a good, fun energy. Alas, I didn't know who the fuck she was at the time and inexperience lead me wrong. Otherwise, I might have had myself a Suga Mama. Looking back, the entire story just screams NEWBIE! I can't believe how green I was at the time :-)

So Ryan and I met up at Saddle Ranch on Sunset. We're just getting warmed up when I head to the bath room and bump into some chicks that we had encountered on the street last week and hung out with, a pair of lovely 18yr Beverly Hill French blonds.

They're like "Oh my GAWD!" and generally getting excited. Lots of touching, they give me lots of interest and compliment me with "You're so hot!" (I'm in a black zipper pants and Couture shirt) yada yada yada. I do a quick back turn with both hands held behind me and both take it, HeatherGrahamLookAlike holds my hand longer than Frenchie, and she's generally more friendly.

"Just because they gave an inch, you don't need to take a mile" so I loosen up hands before they do and HeatherGraham keeps holding on. We all end up outside with they're 4 other friends ranging from just cute to pretty. Ryan gets kisses from Frenchie by doing that "Kiss this check, now this check, and now this one." He may have even done the kiss on the17 year old.

I sit in between some chicks on the bench and start asking where they're from. When they reply with a logical answer, I bust on them and tell them it has to be exotic (since half of those girls were actually from France), yada yada yada. "Now I'm originally from Texas, and let me tell you, *that's* EXOTIC", yada yada yada.

So they invite us to hit up a party at the Hyatt and bust in some raging birthday party at the penthouse for the the blond actress from American Dreams. She was on the dance floor and I never approached her (I don't have dance game, but Ryan does), but that's not the group of celebrity girls I opened. So Ryan and I, with these 18 year old Beverly Hill chicks, chill out for like all of 5 seconds before Ryan and I look at each ether and put on our Game faces. We're opening other girls before these chicks have even time to sit down or start dancing.

Ryan hits a groups of 3 cute girls who are sitting down and he sits down immediately. I chat up a mixed set of two black guys and a sitting black girl. Frenchie blows me out because she's all high energy and totally crushing on one black guy acting like a chump chick. Hi-Five them and without missing a beat, open up three girls to my right.

It turns out run of them is Ashley Simpson from "7Th" Heaven (this was during her blonde, pre-singing days). At the time, I did not know who the hell she was either when I first approached. Throughout the entire conversation, I'm like, "Who the hell is she and why does she look familiar?!"

Anyways, I open with general "Who's party is this and we're like crashing it." I bust on them and do a little push pull since they keep asking about me, "where are you from?" and "we're like all from Texas!!!"

They ask me "what's your name?" and general shit like that. Attitude is high energy stuff with and I give them little time for real logical thinking because I bust on anything logical they say with some wiseass jokes. Its a group of 3 girls so I'm engaging all three of them, but I'm distracted as hell trying to figure out who Ashley Simpson is.

So I wave Ryan over, who's done with his own group of girls and we start gaming 2 on 3 now. We get through a Clay Aiken vs Ryan Seacrest joke (Ryan looks like both of them) before those 18 year old chicks pull us out because they want to head to another party. We do all types of i-Fives and hand-spin moves and I *STILL* cannot figure out who the celeb is.

So silly us, we got blocked by our own girls and dragged out of the party. At this point, Ryan and I get fed up with these immature 18 year olds and end up ejecting out of the entire scene and them. They keep on wanting to bounce between scenes and venues, but without really deep rapport other than general flirting. If we keep following them around without the deep attraction/rapport, we'd be nothing but their little puppy dogs. At least, that's how we both saw it.

In retrospect we hould have just returned to the party and gamed all these rich kids, LOL 15 minutes later, on the street, I remember what show I saw her and I'm like "DOH!!!"

Lessons learned trying to game this celebrity:
1) More approachable because I couldn't figure her out which resulted totally no fear opening this set versus any other set.

2) Stop LOGICAL thinking trying to figure her out. I kept the flow moving, but I could tell only half my brain was engaged with her while I'm running mental pictures of Movies, Tv shows, etc against her.

3) Got interest from Ashley Simpson because she was constantly asking about me (where am I from, the clothes, who did I know at the party, you were born in Texas too, etc). We should have just totally rejected those bratty Beverly Hill chicks when they wanted to leave. Or engaged them and involved them into the convo so we would be pimping with 9 hotties.

Ah, hindsight is 20-20.