Oberion's Bootcamp #2 Day#3: Kissing Sisters

"I basically kissed two girls right in front of each other! It was totally insane LOL. "

- Oberion (Denver)

Here's the final installment in Oberion's followup bootcamp. That night, Oberion number and kiss closed several blondes (and one Amazon).

From not being able to approach at all, Oberion has now reached the point of being able to approach multiple girls, AMOG tall guys, walk around with tall blondes on his arm and kiss multiple girls in one night... way to go, Oberion's on his way to superstardom!

I’ve been up for nearly 48 hours now due to the damn voldka and red bull APB and I was drinking last night. By the time 10pm rolled around, I was pretty sleepy but we went out anyways.

Tonight, we planned to hit up Club Vinyl. Once there, I had to get some red bull in order to wake myself up. I can’t believe that crap work! After loading ourselves up with a lot of water and a drink, it was timed to take a piss.

While waiting for APB, I sat down at in the middle of a sofa, stretched out, and take up space without looking too try hard. Some photographer dude came up to me and asked if he can take my picture. APB came out just in time so I holla at APB and we both got our pictures taken.

After that, both of us befriend the photographer. All three of us went up stairs and we talked briefly about gaming girl with him and he was pretty intrigued. APB saw a lone-wolf and wanted me to demoed.

I made my approached and opened her with a situational opener and hooked. Very cute lone-wolf. Thanks APB . After two minutes into the conversation, she called me out on being a player and introduced herself to me.

This is the second time someone called me a player and a mack-daddy.

I ran the trust test on her, showed her how to perform the basic salsa movement, and question game on her. In the middle of showing her the salsa moves, the photographer came in and took our pictures and then stayed to talk to my target. I quickly amogged him abit and APB came in to disengaged him, so much loving .

Then I isolated my target to a seat nearby. This big white dude was taking up a lot of space so I asked him to give me some room, which he compiled without any problem. Sat down, ran the question game, lead it into some sexual talk, and finally number closed. As she was getting ready to leave, I shook her hand and then said, “you know what, this isn’t going to do it. Give me a hug,” which she happily did.

APB told me the reason I’m being called out is that I’m displaying a lot of DHV and confidence, I need to down it with a bit of AFC stuff so her LSE doesn’t kick in.

APB and I talked to the photographer a bit more, found out his background, etc … and introduced him to the game. He was a bit excited . I got his number and told him I will be in touch. While standing at the bar, trying to move into an empty space and place our drink, two very attractive girls attempted the same and they ran into … APB.

He opened them and I stood there smiling. I reposition myself so that I can engage the other girl. We found out that they are both sisters, by the end of the night, I got the older sister’s phone number, kissed closed her and time bridge for a later meeting.

[APB: At the end of the night, I think we all were hooking up with the same sisters.]

The older sister told me that they were celebrating her younger sister’s birthday, she wanted a strong shot for the both of them. She told me, “I can wait here or go with her to the bar.” Since APB and I have been communicating with them for well over 30 minutes, I told her that I will buy them shots. While waiting for the shots to be order, I told the older sister that I don’t normally buy shots or drinks for people but since they were so cool, I will make an exception.

While I’m doing this, a very tall (6ft 2in or 3in) was between me and the older sister. She attempted to get involved but I just ignored her and continue talking to the older sister. Once I was done with the older sister, I looked at the tall beauty and engaged her. The shots came and the older sister leaned into say “Thank you.” I ran the kiss routine in front of the tall beauty. She was a bit in shock that this asian dude is being kissed by an extremely beautiful woman.

I made the tall beauty qualify herself to me, number closed her, and ran the kiss routine on her as well. kiss me here …. here … and here (lips). Before she went to kiss my lips, she said, “yes yes, I know your preference.” LOL. I did all this in front of the older sister. OMG, so much social proof!

Basically kissed two girls right in front of each other! It was totally insane LOL.

APB found me and the older sister at the bar, older sister gave little sister the shot. Little sister shared it with APB. Older sister downed it herself and I busted her balls for not sharing it with me . It was all in good fun.

At 1:20am, the lights came on and the girls had to leave. The little sister kissed APB since he was closest. She then came over to me and kissed me on my cheek and I ran the kiss routine.

As APB and I was walking out of the club, I saw the tall beauty again, she was dancing with some chump. I pulled her into me, told her good night. She leaned into kiss me and automatically did the kiss routine on her own. The chump did nothing. Earlier, I told APB that I kissed close a tall chick but he didn’t know she was THAT tall.

All in all, tonight, I didn’t open every single set I see, we took our time and found the good ones. And of course, I got massive social proof in front of two hotties. Number closing is soo easy now. Monday, I will have to see which hooked and which didn’t.

-Oberion (Denver)

Signed, Asian Playboy
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