Oberion's Bootcamp #2 Day#2: Church and Redemption

"At the end of the night, APB told me that every white and asian guy were watching me game all these hotties."

Dear Buddha, New York is bloody damn HOT!

Anyways, continuing Oberion's ongoing oddysey to achieve rockstar PUAdom, he was able to step up and throw off the funk from last night. Awesome, man!

I have to admit, one highlight of that night was watching Oberion, my 5"5 Asian brother, AMOG a 6 foot tall white guy using APB's Patented Tooling Tall Guys Tactics. Priceless!

Definitely a fun night, but the third and final night of Oberion's followup bootcamp was REALLY fun with the "Kissing Sisters!"

To be continued...

At 4:30pm, APB and I sat down to go over and refine my existing material and added new stuff to the whole structure. At 6:30pm, we went out to a happy hour joint called ‘The Fox and The Hound.’ When we got to venue, APB perfomed his magic on a very attractive waitress named ‘J.’

At first APB was being a jerk to her due to the lack of service but as things flowed along, I can tell that the game was on. J sat down at our table multiple times and each time ranging from 10minutes to a good 20 minutes to talk to us. He ran all the newly added material and showed to me that it works like a freaking charm!

I just laughed my ass off while watching and participating in the whole interaction.

APB asked J where the party was at tonight and she said that it was at The Church. Since I’ve never been to this venue, we decided to hit up the joint. At 8:30pm, we left ‘The Fox and The Hound,’ headed back to my place, and got ready for some sarging.

Tonight, Redemption is called for.

In my mind, I am going to make every girl wet between her legs by the time the night was over. The goal tonight was once again 10 sets. I told APB, “nah bro, its gonna be more then 10 sets, 1 direct, and 1 isolation.”

10:15pm, we got to The Church, a 3 stories venue consisting of Goth, Hip Hop, and Rave. I have to say, I LOVE THIS PLACE. It is very roomy, lots of floating sets, and the view is pretty damn good.

Like I said, Redemption is called for and Redemption is what I got. Tonight stats: 16 sets, 2 directs, 2 isolations.

I opened up lone-wolf, 2 sets, 3 sets, 4 sets, 5 sets, mixed sets, amogged the shit out of other guys (white and asian), befriend guys, tooled guys, and got the girls attention.

One girl even went to APB and asked, “Hey, your friend is a player isn’t he?”

At the end of the night, APB told me that every white and asian guy were watching me game all these hotties. Even a mexican dude had to stop and watch my interaction with a cute 20yrs old (HB9), she had a beautiful set of teeth, nose, lips, and eyes! Dude, APB provided very little instruction tonight.

He was so bored that he left me to game and went and did his own thing. Basically, I was on auto-pilot and was opening sets on my own. I see girls I want to talk to, I walked over there and opened my mouth. At one point, APB was telling me I was being a bit too agressive with the sexual tension, LOL. First I didn’t have enough, now I have too much!

I would love to go into detail about every sets but 16 is a bit too much to keep track off so here’s a summary of the sets I do remember. All my sets lasted a long time, more then 20 minutes per-set.

In no particular order:

2 standing set in VIP
I was talking to APB after getting my delicious water from the bartender and I saw two very attractive blonde standing there by themselves so I walked away from APB and opened the two.

Obe: hey guys, quick question …..
HBshort: - leaned into me -
Obe: - took it as an IOI - …. ahh shit I forgot what I was going to ask, What are you guys up to tonight?
HBshort: - have her arms wrapped around me - I’m doing great, watching people dancing from up here.
Obe: - took arm wrapping thing as another IOI, put my arm over her shoulder and pulled her head into me - what’s the point of watching people dance? isn’t it better to do it?
HBshort: Yes but I’m not very good
Obe: - pulled HBtall and HBshort into me - So what’s your guy’s story?
HBtall: I’m here with my boyfriend but she is here by herself
Obe: - look at HBtall - I’m sorry you have that problem, what’s your schedule like next week?
HBtall: - started to laugh -
HBshort: Where are you from?
Obe: I’m from Aurora and you?
HBshort: Hawaii
Obe: I’ve been wanting to visit that place for a while now, what’s the best place to go
HBShort: Malibu, that’s where I’m at
Obe: Right on, we will have to hook up when I do go
HBShort: That sound great

HBTall BF walked in and APB entered the picture, told me to move them. I told HBShort, want to go and sit down with me over there? Ahhh this was a mistake!!! Don’t ask! Just do it!! OMG HBShort was hot, if I did isolated her, a make out session probably would of occured.

APB debrief, told me that my sexual escalation was too fast and I need to slow it down a bit or it might freak her out.

Now we met up with some dude that own a clothing shop at Cherry Creek mall. APB and I purchased some cloths from there yesterday and befriend them in the process. APB told me to get them their drinks and create a social network with them as they seem to be naturals and will possible benefit me earlier. I offered to buy G his drink, at first he refused but I insisted. Made him get up and walked to the bar with me. Ordered his drink and order his friend ‘J’ a drink. We are bonded now LOL.

2 seated set
These two girls I opened earlier because they were damn attractive. One is 19 and the other is close to 21. I did a warm approach for these two set. I sat down next to HB20 and talked to her some, performed kino and ran some other BT spikes. HB19 was on the phone so I looked at her and said, “who are you on the phone with?” She said, “a girlfriend.”

I was like, “Cool, give me that phone so I can talk to her.” I do this a lot with my sister when she is on the phone with her friend so it is normal for me. The girl on the phone name is ‘S’ and she is currently in Colorado Spring. I told her, “how long is it going to take you to get up here?” and some other fluff. Gave the phone back to HB19 and bid the two girls fairwell.

1 seated lone-wolf
Her group left her and APB saw her sitting there, told me to open her. As I approached her, a mexican dude we talked to earlier came to approach me. APB immediately got in his face and allowed me room to open the hottie. I sat down

Obe: did he call you?
HB: who?
Obe: the guy that’s madly in love with you
HB: - laughed - no, I’m texting my cousin over there
Obe: O, what’s going on with him?
HB: I’m trying to hook him up with this girl but she ended up flirting with me!
Obe: no doubt, I would do the same thing. Maybe I should go over there and help him out?
HB: - laugh -
Obe: So what’s your story?
HB: hrmm I don’t have one
Obe: - ran the new material APB provided me -
HB: - hooked -
Obe: Listen, all bullshit aside, how can I get to know you better?
HB: I have to ask my cousin …
Obe: What? You need permission from your cousin to get to know me better?
HB: He’s one of those protective type
Obe: Alright, check this out, I will go and talk to him
HB: Nooo … okay, you stay here and I will go talk to him

During this whole interaction, we were sitting very closed to each other. I tried to convert it to sexual energy but she wasn’t sure, it seem. The mexican dude that APB blocked out was watching me throughout the interaction. Then out of nowhere, APB popped up and asked how it went. I gave him the details. While HB was talking to her cousin, I saw a 4 set to my right and went in.

4 seated set
I sat down right in the middle of all 4 of them and ran my regular material. They bid it and I gave HBblue a high five and hand-shake. Converted the hand-shake into thumb wrestling. At first, she didn’t want to do it saying her thumb was too short so I measured it against mine and it was almost the same length.

I encouraged her to continue with the thumb wrestling and her friends cheered her on. I started to cheat a bit and she got all exciting, it was funny. I was winning and then she totally started to cheat by using two hands and claimed herself as the winner. Other things went on but I forgot. it was a fun set.

Attractive lone-wolf
APB saw a lone-wolf in the VIP room, he told me to open. I saw her and decided it was time to do direct. I walked up to her, get her to noticed me

Obe: Hey, you are beautiful, mind if I flirt with you for a bit?
HB: …. I’m here with someone
Obe: I’m sorry you got that problem
HB: - laughed -
Obe: So what type of underwear are you wearing?
HB: - in shock! - What type of question is that?! - smiling -
Obe: come on, are you wearing a thong, power puff underwear, or one of those white plain cotton ones?
HB: - still in a freaking shock -

HB’s BF came into the picture

HB: Maybe you can ask him that question?
BF: What question?
Obe: - this was a tall dude, so I put my arm around him shoulder and pulled him down to my level - I was asking her what type of underwear she’s wearing?
BF: She isn’t wearing anyway
Obe: - looking at HB - Oh no shit, one of those kinky girls huh
HB: LOL, nooo!

Then I bid them later. Went to talk it over with APB and he was like, “Dude, you totally AMOG that guy!” I was a bit confused and I didn’t think I did anything to amogged him.

APB: Look how tall that guy is and you pulled him down to your level. Remember what I told you this afternoon? I demoed how to amog tall dudes? You did just that! I’m proud of you man!
Obe: no shit, I wasn’t even thinking about that dude. It all happened on a subconsciouly level!

Attractive Latina lone-wolf (last set of the night)
When I entered the venue, I saw her standing there by herself. At the end of the night, I saw her at the same damn place. So I approached her

Obe: Hey, you are very attractive, mind if I flirt with you for a bit?
HBlatina: - big smile -
Obe: I noticed that you were standing here all by yourself, omg, you aren’t an anti-social person are you?
HBlatina: nooo… I’m just a very shy girl
Obe: Ahh bullshit, shy girl don’t dance and move their hips like you just did a moment ago
HBlatina: - laughing -
Obe: So how many guys has hit on you tonight?
HBlatina: - looking sad - none …
Obe: Well I’m here now. What type of underwear are you wearing?
HBlatina: - shock look - … silence …
Obe: Well, are you wearing a thong, power puff underwear, or one of those regular plain cotton ones?
HBlatina: …………….. none …………
Obe: No shit, prove it
HBlatina: - laughing - do you have any more mint?
Obe: - pulled out my altoids - O you mean these ….
HBlatina: Yes, can I have one
Obe: - pointed to my cheek - kiss here.
HBlatina: she gave me a light kiss on my cheek
Obe: - pointed to my other cheek -
HBlatina: gave me a light kiss
Obe: Girl, I don’t think that’s even a kiss. … pointed to my cheek again.
HBlatina: - she held my face with both her hands and gave me a kiss on the cheek -
Obe: Gave her an altiods - thinking shit, why didn’t I finish it with a kiss on the lips?!! -

We stayed and talked some more, ran some comfort and connection material. Finally, she said she’s gonna meet up with her friends as the club is about to close.

Obe: Hey, we will need to hang out.
HBlatina: Sure
Obe: You got your phone with you?
HBlatina: - took out her phone, got to the address book, made a new entry, and handed the phone to me -

I programmed my phone number in, called myself, was waiting for my voice mail to pick up and have her leave me a funny voice mail. But I couldn’t hear my voice mail pick up so I ended up pulling out my cell and manually program her name and number into my phone.

Immediately, I texted her while she was still standing there. I signaled her to check her phone and she got a new message from me “it was nice meeting you.” She smiled and bid me goodbye.

Total alpha attitude in this set man.

All in all, it was a fantastic night. APB and I were so high on my success that we just act retarded all the way home, started to punch and amogged each other.

-Oberion (Denver)

Signed, Asian Playboy

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