Alumni Lay Report: When The Student Surpasses the Master

One of the things that any true teacher, at least in my eyes, should aspire to is build up their students to the best of their ability. To pass on their entire history, wisdom, and hard-earned, painful pearls of wisdom earned through first hand knowledge.

And how does a teacher know when he's done well?

Is it when a student, a virgin no less, loses his virginity with a really pretty blonde hottie (testified with private pictures)?

Is it when a student has gotten laid during an intense, full course bootcamp entailing a one night stand in front of both familiy and friends that previously doubted him?

Or even when a student has achieved the high sacrement of a THREESOME with a freaky stripper?

Or when a student has pulled CONSECUTIVE full closes almost EVERY CONSECUTIVE WEEK after taking a bootcamp?

Or numerous other similar situations, be it random sex to full blown relationships? What marks success on the part of a teacher?

Granted, within the past month students and Alumni have reached me with their recent, hard earned achievements and I am utterly proud of them. Their Lay Reports will soon be posted at my earliest convenience.

But what marks a good teacher?

In my humble opinion, a good teacher is someone who has helped their student to the point that said student has surpassed him. Maybe for the long term or maybe just that moment, but for this night, my student and Alumni- Danger- beat me.


And Square.

I was perturbed in the beginning. A little torqued. But in the end, I accepted it.

He beat me out of getting laid for a One Night Stand. Fair and square. He did it right and I didn't get it right. Tonight, the student has surpassed the teacher...

Until this night, I've never been taken out by a former student. Never. Pick Up Artists at my level that I've competed with, sure. Fellow warriors with shared battle experiences and war stories.

But tonight, I was humbled by Dallas' own... the one... and only... DANGER.

Congrats, bro. You deserve it!

You took me on. You got the girl. And, in the words of Frank Sinatra, you did it YOUR WAY. I am humbled, yet proud of you. But don't let it go to your head as I WON'T let it happen again :-)